Dream: Swimming With a Friend

23 March 2017

In the dream, I am swimming in an enormous pool, larger than Olympic-sized. There are lots of people swimming.

At one point I had been sitting on the ground with a friend S.? and we saw the earth move in waves which was made by the actions of the people. I turned to her and said it really looks like the earth is making waves like a pool. I think right after that it turned to a pool and we were swimming in it.

I nearly drowned because of the depth of water, the waves and the people but she swam right close to me and lifted me with her side and thigh so I couldn’t swim yet but I was more relaxed when I saw she wouldn’t let me drown.

We swam around the large pool and then I got even more relaxed and could even swim a bit.

Later we went to her apartment. When I entered I found it smaller than I expected but warmer than expected too. She had candles & incense burning and a small wood fire. Warm colourful carpets & rugs were on the ground and when her daughter came in she knelt in three places to eagle feathers and another symbolic item which I wasn’t familiar with. I asked her to show me how to kneel like that and she did.

After that I relaxed with them for a bit and then went to my own home. I realized we had both moved to Toronto in the city and I was missing my old home. Why did I move? I asked myself. Good grief! Having to settle into a new home again! It was tiring.

But then I started watching a video of Gracie when she was just learning to talk. She was sitting in a high chair and eating a few cheerios. When she looked at me she said “Mommy! Mommy!” and it melted my heart. Yes honey? I asked her. And she wanted to show me something.

When the video was done I saved it under the name “Mommy! Mommy!” and felt really grateful for having such a sweet daughter.

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