Dreamwork: Breaking Down the Metaphors

24 March 2017

In the dream I’m moving into a new house although I’m not altogether happy with it.

This is a metaphor for how I am developing a new Self after my so-called marriage ended.

It’s large enough, which is good, but it’s older than I like and it seems I have no money for renovations to even bring the beauty in the old out.

This is accurately describing the feeling of having to settle for things because it’s convenient and having to accept things just because I am limited financially.

I also have no choice of furniture and for a while am trying to move in a dresser & desk which have broken drawers.

Same as above.

Finally someone (my mom?) sees they are broken & unsuitable and she orders a bunch of new furniture from a liquidation warehouse.

The old pattern was about being powerless and only making progress when someone was keen to see where I needed some support and then in their generosity they helped.

I bring them upstairs to my room which is appears I am sharing with my sister although I somehow sense it won’t be as bad as I fear.
The old way I used to feel was jealous that other people had so much and I had so little.
Someone (my aunt?) goes in to have a bath & I give her instructions because one of the pipes & faucets leak.
Water in dreams is about relationships & life. Broken pipes in a house is a symbol for the old way things used to be for me. When things got tough & when I felt a lot of jealousy I would find myself getting over-emotional and feeling really disempowered to create positive change anywhere.
I lay out towels to catch the water and show her how.
This shows things are different for me now. I don’t feel jealous and instead can help others who are dealing with the same leaky pipes.
Then back downstairs a friend comes over and joins my sister & I in an activity. At some point I sense Andrea’s episode coming out. I step in to ask some questions and say a few things so that it protects my friend. Andrea becomes enraged at me and she screams as she runs upstairs. From upstairs she hollars and stomps around crying.
When I can solve something for someone then in the past someone close to me used to fill with jealousy & rage. She would say and do horribly negative things to turn others against me. It would destroy my relationships and I’d lose opportunities because of it. In real life, her negative behaviour was so outrageous people just did not know what to do with it. 
I try to console my friend saying it had nothing to do with any of us, it was just her own issue and if we leave her to herself she will recover and come back down in time.
This is the truth. When someone becomes upset it is their issue, not yours. If you take care of your issue & they take care of theirs then life can move forward in really positive ways.
The friend is clearly confused but also believes me.
This just shows some progress in that I am no longer trapped in that old way of being and I have positive friendships now.
We set about to do something in the kitchen/dining room area.
Eating in dreams is about nourishment & sustaining life. 

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