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Positive Dreams Mean Just Dive Right in!

04 September 2017

Positive dreams are positively wonderful! They do not need work to transform or flip. You can just have a playful attitude and dive right into whatever life is offering you.

Playfulness is something which comes easy to children but adults sometimes have forgotten how to play or feel playful. Children do not have a lot of negative memories so they can easily play and feel safe. Adults, on the other hand, have accumulated years of negative memories where they wanted to be playful or do something which brings them joy and instead find themselves shut down. Eventually, some adults just stop trying to even have playfulness in their lives.

With dreamwork, however, Playfulness is a wonderful virtue which emerges especially after an issue has been dealt with. The lightness and joy which replaces what used to be fear and worry is quite remarkable. 

The dream I had last night is a good example of this. After working through some serious issues which showed up this week as ghosts and violence, it is so refreshing to have a happy dream of playing on a waterslide! The effort is so worth the reward!

Here is the dream:

21270863_10159400625215595_8931026667273683921_nThe setting was a waterpark and I was riding the tubes over and over with my daughter and a friend. At one point we got to a part of the tube where the water was rushing fast like rapids and there were several directions the mat could go. I stood up on the deck looking down at what was to come and realized I was happy with whatever happened one way or another. I dropped my hat and watched it flow with the waves in a certain direction but then when I got in and went down I went down a different path then my hat had gone and I was okay with that.

Inbetween rides I went to my Taekwondo club and used the washroom. I went into the males’ washroom because the women’s was being used. I noticed how grimy the floors were and the sink was not clean. When the women’s washroom became available I went there and then noticed it was really clean. I wondered if I could help by doing some cleaning for the club. It was quite, as it is on Saturday mornings. Not too much going on.

Back on the water slides, I was considering which way to go next and a man approached me about doing promotion for their website. A fellow Martial Arts student was standing behind him and started to give advice. I just looked at him right in the eyes and told him, “I’ve got this,” and showed him it wasn’t his place to interrupt here. That this was “my thing” and he was surprised at first at my assertiveness and wasn’t taking me to seriously and I stood up and moved forward towards him a slight bit and jokingly said, “stand down, my friend. I said I’ve got this.” And with that he turned his gaze back to the plate he was holding and continued snacking on whatever was there.

Then I returned to the conversation with the website guy and it seemed like things were going to work out well.

Dream: $300 & Confronting White Male Priviledge

Dreams give insights into things happening in culture which need changing. If we think of a dream as belonging to us just because we are the one who experienced it then we are sorely wrong. Dreams belong to everyone. A dream comes through the dreamer and has lessons for the dreamer but the messages are for everyone. The metaphors in dreams help us to understand important messages for our own personal growth and for the growth of a family, community or nation. 

These dream images have a lot to do with money and feelings of safety or security. In the old paradigm, women used to depend on men to support them financially. Alternatively some women would try to collect charity to help them get through rough times. In some cultures, family members who earn the most money share with their parents and siblings. The important thing to remember is that women’s equality is the most important social justice issue of our time and one of the most significant parts of this equality is financial. 

The metaphors in this dream series show where there is strength of character, in stating that there is no need to depend on a man for money.

23 May 2017

In the dream I received an envelop from my mom and as I looked at it more closely I saw it was also from my sister, dad and ex-husband. It had a $25 gift card in it. As I looked more closely I saw it had cash too – $300 in total. “Huh,” I said to myself. “That’s a good amount of money to receive.”

In another dream, I was watching an animal show which people were getting entertained with. I could not understand how they could find it entertaining to watch animals behave like people. There were some eagles in the show.

As I was watching through the gate I saw a monkey who was dressed in overalls put some sunglasses on. At first he flung them off distastefully. Then he went back to them. When he was reaching for them, my sister grabbed at them through the fence. Then the monkey looked disappointed. My sister threw them back over the fence but when they landed they caught the attention of the crowd. The monkey waddled over to the glasses, curious and wanting to still play with them, but a bigger monkey came along and grabbed at them. The smaller first monkey just waddled backwards, like waiting in line. But I could see the bigger monkey was going to keep the glasses for himself.

I felt such pity for that first monkey and was puzzled by the behaviour of my sister which would do something to mock and hurt the feelings of this small monkey. It was almost as though she took pleasure out of toying with him.

That was my dream.

In another part I was talking to a wealthy white woman who made her way to the top by connecting with a wealthy white male. She was trying to give me financial advice. I looked at her right in the eye and I told her that her way doesn’t work for me.

She looked pretty stunned and backed away. She tried to make excuses and I said, “Look! I like you and I appreciate what you did for us when we were children but I don’t like who you’ve become and I don’t want to be like you.”

I admitted mistakes I made with her – I told her I was sorry for turning to her when I needed help. She said she understood.

Then  again, I was walking down the street with a woman who is Asian and married to a wealthy white male. She tried to talk to me as though I was like her and I just said, “Lookit! What you say and do has very little value to me. I’m not doing it the way you do it (ie sleep with a wealthy white male in order to gain prestige and prosperity).” I showed her this little Elmo toy I was playing with.

“See this! That is the extent to which I value your high-end stuff. I’d rather play with children’s toys than talk about what you are talking about.”

I could see in her eyes she knew I was right and that I was stronger than she was and that she wished/wishes she could do it like me. But she couldn’t. She was too attached and too tangled up. It was hopeless for her. She was so jealous of me.

Our conversation ended like that.

Dream: Meeting a King

18 July 2017

In the dream, I met a King. I had run down the stairs of an enormous Cathedral to look out a window and watch an enormous & elaborate procession of the horses and royalty. When I turned to go back upstairs I saw the King was coming down the steps towards me. I realized I was in the wrong place and when He got to the bottom level I bowed to him and I apologized, feeling ashamed. He said, “It’s okay, Rachel, my child. Your curiosity and playfulness amuses me. But now you know to be careful where you go.” And with that He exited and went to the carriage with a dozen horses leading. Then they left.

Healing Through Dreamwork & the Reason It’s Not Called “DreamPLAY”

19511181_10159043252115595_4817268620510028680_nDreamwork is called ‘work’ because it takes effort & diligence just like work does. If seeking to understand personal growth through understanding metaphors in dreams was easy it might be called “Dreamplay” but the problem with that would be that people would give up when it got challenging and say something such as, “well, this is no fun. I give up.”


It’s called Dream “work” because looking at issues every day takes effort & diligence and the WILLINGNESS to change. Change is not easy. Work is not always easy. But change is what keeps life interesting and allows for things to get more and more positive daily. Work is what keeps life challenging and allows for great discoveries and progress. So despite the inevitable challenges, the process of Dreamwork for Self-Help and Healing, especially after trauma is really worthwhile.

At the beginning stages of the healing process, a lot of dreams might be full of negative emotions which show up in scenerios people sometimes call Nightmares. The goal at the beginning is to just take it easy, as if life were a beach, and look at each issue a little bit at a time each day. For example, writing down a dream in the morning and reflecting on the change that the day brings is a good routine to be in.

In time, when the healing has really permeated through all the areas of life then development can leap into the next stage which is less like a beach and more like climbing a mountain. If you are interested in exploring this concept in more depth, you can read an excellent explanation by Richard Hastings at Dreams For Peace.


Undoubtedly, by the time a dreamer is ready to really climb to new heights in their development they have encountered numerous challenging situations and behaviour, within themselves & others. Going from a snooze on the beach to a jolting hike up a hill is not a piece of cake. But by setting clear goals and then working out what it will take to achieve them, some really miraculous things can start to happen. However, at this stage the dreamer now has a whole new arsenal of skills, capacities & gifts to use when dealing with any negative behaviour which arises.

Without question, the reason trauma-work was first embarked on by the dreamer is because something in their lives was not working out too well. Maybe it was a failing marriage, or perhaps an unfulfilling career, or maybe there were physical issues such as obesity or fatigue. Whatever was the original area where healing was needed, when this healing has occurred then the next stage of development can be just so rewarding and fulfilling.

Setting goals and achieving them can bring out tremendous feelings of Joy and Gratitude. It makes all the effort worthwhile and opens the mind to brand new ideas for new goals and new heights to achieve in life.

Often times, the greatest growth for so many people begins with a negative dream image which can’t be ignored and then in time the changework just becomes part of every day living and the nightmares go away. 

The Dreamwork process of understanding metaphors and working through the issues to release positive energy and capacities is a remarkable way to take hold of the steering wheel of live and drive into the positive direction the dreamer wants to go in.

Dream: Little Boy With a Blackbelt & Playing Ping-Pong

28 March 2017

In the dream I am helping a young boy to fasten his black belt. He’s fidgeting and wearing street clothes instead of his uniform so it’s a bit tough. Eventually I get it and his mother thanks me and they leave.

In a dream yesterday I am texting a friend and he’s making me laugh. Then another friend walks in and asks me if I’d like a coffee and I go over to what looks like a cross between a ping-pong table & a diningroom table. I duck down playfully. Another friend, Dr.M, approaches the table and throws a ball of crumpled paper at me. I duck and then throw one back at him laughing.

These are positive dreams and with positives it means just keep going forward in the direction I’m going. A black belt is a symbol for having mastery over all the skill of the coloured belts. To be putting a black belt on a boy who is in street clothes is an interesting metaphor because usually the uniform comes first and then the belt. It’s something to think about.

Playing ping-pong is a good metaphor because ping-pong, like tennis, is about being able to play back whatever is served to me. This is a good skill to have in every area in life because it helps keep things playful and light which is the way we were meant to be.