The Process of Personal Transformation

Personal transformation can be a difficult journey, especially for those who have experienced trauma. Trauma can have a lasting impact on a person’s life, affecting their emotions, relationships, and overall wellbeing. However, with the right support and resources, it is possible to overcome trauma and achieve personal transformation.

For traumatized individuals, personal transformation often begins with acknowledging and accepting the trauma they have experienced. This can be a painful and challenging process, but it is a crucial step in moving forward. It involves confronting difficult emotions, such as anger, fear, and sadness, and allowing oneself to feel and process these emotions in a healthy way.

From there, personal transformation can involve learning new coping mechanisms and building resilience. This can include seeking therapy or counseling, joining support groups, or engaging in activities that promote mental and physical wellbeing, such as exercise or meditation.

In addition to seeking support and resources, personal transformation often involves a shift in mindset. Traumatized individuals may have negative self-talk or limiting beliefs that hold them back. By challenging these beliefs and replacing them with positive affirmations, individuals can build self-confidence and a sense of empowerment.

Personal transformation is not a linear process, and setbacks are common. It is important for individuals to be patient and compassionate with themselves and to celebrate small victories along the way. With time and dedication, personal transformation is possible for anyone, no matter their past experiences.

In conclusion, personal transformation is a difficult but rewarding journey for traumatized individuals. It involves acknowledging and accepting past trauma, seeking support and resources, building resilience and coping mechanisms, and shifting mindset. By taking these steps, individuals can overcome trauma and achieve personal growth and fulfillment.

Dream Interpretation: When You Dream of R@pe it’s About Interacting With Someone’s Ego Against Your Will

  By Richard Hastings

The first thing that I want to say is that it is
important always in the first phase of dream interpretation to deal
with things metaphorically rather than literally because there is more
to be learned on a metaphoric level than on a literal one.

In real life rape is forcing someone to have sexual intercourse
without their consent.   In the dream world sexual intercourse, if it
is positive, is the coming together of two sets of spiritual qualities
so that they can work together to achieve something greater.   When
you interact with someone else’s qualities, then you can learn them
and integrate them into your life so that they can produce something
new.    Rape is being forced to have intercourse with the dark side or
ego side of someone.   It causes fear and powerlessness and prevents
people from producing really positive things.

So the purpose of the dream is to actually do the opposite of what
the dream is giving you.   Being raped by someone at 15 in
metaphorical terms means being forced to interact really closely with
his ego, which is all of his bad qualities.   What is particularly
difficult is that 15 is the age at which you are no longer a child,
where you are taking your first steps into adulthood.  So the
challenge you had at that age was that you were living with fear and
forced to be his partner as if you were his partner even though you weren’t.

 The fear that the dream produces is having to live out that role
against your will.   The consequence of rape is the feeling of
powerlessness and fear so I am sure that these are the feelings that
you have had to live with in relation to someone.

 So what the dream is looking for is the opposite in positive
terms, but it is presenting you the rape because it is warning you of
the difficult times ahead with someone and his dysfunctions.

The quality that you needed when you were 15 from someone was the
quality of peacefulness so that you could be guided along your own
path.  Instead you got him and his ego, a person barely surviving his
own life.   This is not to be said for you to be angry with him.  He
was probably doing the best he could.   The fact is that what you
needed you didn’t get, so now you have the opportunity to give it to
yourself so that those who come after you  as well as you own self can
benefit from it.

One of the ways you  can tell about the real rape or imagined is
to analyze how this person used power.   If he had power issues,
then you might investigate it further, but if he didn’t, then it is
more likely that it is a dream state and not a real one.     One way
or the other,  he wasn’t the positive person you needed when you were
making your own first steps toward adulthood and this is the critical
issue for you.

So one of the big questions you are going to have to ask yourself
is why peacefulness?   Why not courage, determination, love, honesty,
or a host of other virtues?    The virtue of peacefulness will allow
you to stay fully on your own own unique path, which is different
probably than almost everyone you know.  The further your path is away from the mainstream the more you need the quality of peacefulness.  It allows you to be free from distractions and trappings of the world.

You are likely already on that path, but now your poised to take some
major steps forward.  That is why you are so keen to do the spiritual


Recurring Dreams: High School

What does it mean to have recurring dreams of being in high school?

There are several types of scenarios which are common for this type of dream.

  • Being late class
  • Getting lost or losing important things
  • Not having enough credits to graduate
  • Being embarrassed or bullied in some way

There are others as well but these are ones I’ve seen recently.

Firstly, remember…

  1. Metaphors First
  2. All Humans are Equal
  3. Humans are Dual-Natured…lower nature (ego) & Higher nature (True Self)
  4. All dreams give us guidance for where our lower nature is operating in our life & where our True Self wants us to develop
  5. Recurring dreams reveal and issue (with our ego) that started at that age we are in the dream
  6. When we solve the ego issue then the positive qualities of our True Self can open up

With this in mind, here is the breakdown of recurring dreams of school.

Schools are places of learning. So to dream of a school is about being in a “condition or mindset of learning.” What is there to learn? The thing to learn is how did the negative experiences in high school shape us and where are there some left over negative emotions that need to be processed.

The problem with a lot of high schools is that they are run by administration who are funded by the government with their own motives or agendas. These agendas have more to do with creating a culture of consumers than focusing on developing the positive innate qualities of students. This creates a friction for students who are creative thinkers, have adventurous spirits, and who want to be innovators. It can feel like being a round post being forced into a square hole. It’s uncomfortable and can cause negative thoughts, emotions and behaviours which can last long into adulthood.

The other common negative experience comes from other peers. This goes without saying that a lot of bullying and peer-pressure happens in high school. The hurtful words and actions of others can cause feelings of sadness, embarrassment or fear which can last for many years. Having some strategies for going back to that time period, in your mind, and doing some healing work, will help bring about an understanding of what positive qualities could have been developed at that time. With this understanding, they can now start to be developed in the present.

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