Dream: Predicting the Wind

In the dream, I’m sitting a blanket and someone in a group is asking me questions. When I reply, I know all the answers. He says I know things and says to the group maybe I’m physic. In the dream, I think I am physic so I decide to keep answering with my intuition and the group continues to be astonished that I’m answering questions which I couldn’t know otherwise. For example, someone in the audience pats circles on her stomach and then he asks me what she is doing. Without seeing her I describe the motion. The correct response stuns the audience and I decide it’s okay to let them see that I can do this.

Then the blanket comes off me and I’m standing in a circle in their midst. A small breeze starts and I begin talking about a a windstorm. They don’t feel it but then as it picks up they see what I was talking about and I hold the blanket in my arms and let the wind carry it out like a big thunder bird.

I just talk louder and happier in the wind and they are rustling around to straighten their hair and laughing and stuff.

It was a pretty neat dream.

Dream: Someone Started a War

In the dream, I am standing having a casual conversation with someone in a non-significant area like a parking lot, and they inform me that someone far away on the other side of the world started a war which would be worldwide and effect every individual on earth, including me of course. As they spoke, I imagined the significance of this unescapable world war which already started and I could do nothing about but prepare. (May 14, 2016)


Here are some pointers for breaking down what some would say is a “negative” dream:

  1. Say to yourself: “This is a metaphor.”
  2. Remember that, “The Positive Opposite Is Possible.”
  3. Know that, “You are capable now of bringing out the positive opposite into your life.”

What is the positive opposite of a small “negative” action to begin a world wide war which effects everyone?

That would be a small positive action which begins world wide peace that effects everyone.




Dream: Running on Ice in New Shoes

I dreamt I was running on ice with my new shoes and with a teenager I know who is a good runner in real life. We ran in the dark to a neighbour’s house and my running friend was asking them for something for me to borrow for some reason.

In another dream I was in a car which could drive itself automatically. At one point I needed to intervene because to merge into traffic required consciousness which the car didn’t have. I could switch lanes easily.

What does it Mean?

Ice in a dream is about people behaving in cold ways. Running on it means having learned how to say active and warm even in cold environments.

Cars are symbols for getting to where the dreamer is going.

These are metaphors but it likely means I can now take an idea and run with it, even when the path is “slippery and bumpy”

“Dreams are Before-Time Things”

October 29, 2009

Hi Rachel,
Thanks for the comment.  If your real life situation were a dream,
you could have dealt with the whole thing ahead of time, but as this
happened in real life, all of the metaphors have switched over from
one world to the next.  Pretty interesting.

So water metaphors are always about relationships and the
difficulty that you have in this case is that your relationship with
someone in particular.   You have done an excellent job in doing the releasing
past. Congratulations.    I think that you can also enhance your
goal because it seems like you want to make it a place to invite people to.

Way to go Rachel.


Hi Richard,

Please tell me more about what you mean in that “if this were a dream
this whole thing could have been dealt with ahead of time.”



Hi Rachel,

Dreams are normally before time things,  that is, you get the dream
so that you can change whatever you need to change before the issue
takes place in the real world with its negative consequences.   If you
can get the message of a dream after you have it, then you can
transform yourself so that the right things will happen.   The test
you are experiencing now with your mother is in the real world.  You
almost always get dreams about an issue before the issues are apparent
in the outer world.   Either way you have to deal with them.  Nearly
every dream is prophetic in that it tells what is going to happen.
Negative dreams take prayer and acts of transform to change their
outcomes, whereas positive dreams take acts of will to actualize them.