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Miscellaneous Dreams

December 28, 2017

  • zooming up through water and there is cement so i can’t exhale … but i easily find the edge and it’s fine, when I get up I see my DD and I tell her what I did and she tells me that’s how she always does it
  • see C.B. and he hugs me, i hug him, and he tells me if i knew his age i’d realize he’s too old for me but i say my feelings would never change
  • something about giving him a gift because his parents are dying/died and all I had was a stone but he liked it/took it
  • being in an enormous sitting room and saying it looked so big but compared to the kitchen/dining room it’s one of the smallest rooms
  • something about hiding evidence in a crawl space

My dreams of swimming and other things

22 December 2017

In the dream, I am swimming in a large pool and I hold my breath and swim deep seeing if I can touch the ground but then instead of the ground being there its as though it opens up and I swim even deeper like its a bottomless pool.

In another dream, I am hanging out with one of my favourite bands, U2, and getting photos taken together, feeling so happy!

DreamWORK: Dealing With Jealousy

14 July 2017

I learned from a dream last night that when I feel connected and empowered I used to get a bit tripped up by others who get jealous and try to use guilt to get me to do what they want me to do which is to direct my attention towards their selves and to ignore my own.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not advocating for self-centeredness or selfishness but what I am saying is that it is important to know your own Self and to be True to it and when others try to get you to forget your own wants and needs until you feel disempowered, then there is a problem.

The big problem in close relationships is that if someone has an issue with jealousy then they might do all sorts of things to try to protect their position, in a job or a home or a board of directors for example. They fear they will be left alone so they do things out in the open and behind the scenes like back-biting and criticism to try to disempower others.

Last night’s dream showed me where this is an issue for me even though I thought I worked through most of this already. The dream also showed me where there are opportunities for a lot of positive connecting with hundreds of others but instead I choose to spend a lot of time writing.

In the dream, when I was swimming in a larger-than-Olympic swimming pool I dropped my phone. It got wet but I was cleaning it out and it was going to be alright.

A smart phone in a dream is about more than just making phone calls. It’s about taking pictures and making connections. Dropping a phone in a large pool but it still working is a good metaphor for what happens to me when someone with jealousy issues tries to trip me up.

In the dream, I was fine and the solution was to tell others about my background, about being a journalist & teacher at the same time. To talk about how this shaped how I saw the world and my part within it. In real life this isn’t something I talk about much but now I think it’s time to begin.

How To Take a Nightmare of Being Isolated and Flip it to Being Inclusive

06 July 2017

In the dream, I am in a conference hall with thousands of others. There are university grads with their families, and there are agencies & organizations offering awards , scholarships and job opportunities. But in the dream there is nothing for me.

At one point I am challenged to jump in a deep pool against someone else. When we jump in she leaps in front of me kind of cutting me off and it takes my breath away. But I jump anyway. Even with half a breath I go much further than she does and while she jumps up to the surface in a few moments, I go down to the very bottom of the pool and I stay there for a few moments, enjoying the solitude, then I push myself back up and exhale as I sore torpedo-like back to the surface.

It seems to me I have accomplished something but no one notices.

I go back onto the pool side thinking how they don’t offer rewards, bursaries and job opportunities to people who are skilled at diving to the bottom of a pool.

In the dream, diving to the bottom of a pool is not note-worthy. But in real life, when I analyse this dream I realize this dream marks a gift I have developed which allows me to go deep into relationships. When I first started doing dreamwork I had many dreams about not being able to go far into water, or going into the depths but then bad things happening to me or others.

The issue which shows up in this dream has nothing to do with my performance. The issue is in the culture which rewards the wrong things. North American culture especially focuses on developing skills which keep people “working-hard” even if it goes against their unique gifts and talents. There’s really a lot to say here which I can’t go into greater depth about right now.

The solution to a dream like this is to turn it around by imagining 1000s of people being encouraging and welcoming. Then everything is different.

The reason the culture at large does not acknowledge or celebrate the skill of being able to go deep into relationships is because the general “norm” of day-to-day keeps people stuck in a rush-to-work mentality. Then they spend their days doing activities dictated by those who see themselves in power, and they rush home to try to fit some family time in and wind down at the end of the night with a TV show and maybe a beer.

Weekends are “family” time when all the things which were neglected during the week can get attention and there is just little room in this old out-dated model for a lot of time for an individual to reflect and develop in ways prompted by their unique gifts rather than directed by their pay cheque.

Why am I having this dream now?

Likely it is because the dream wants to show me that I have made progress in some areas and that I can remember how far I’ve come.

In the tasks which lay before me now I can use the skills I have developed even more.

Letting go of the want for acknowledgement is a big lesson which I am just at the beginning of learning. We live in an acknowledgement-hungry society which is nearly narcissistic in its set up of praise for one individual who beats out everyone else, like in award shows like American Idol or “reality show” challenges.

Those individuals who chose not to go for the top experience a different kind of life. That’s the kind of life I’m experiencing.

My intention is to not rise to the top but to go to deeper and deeper depths.

This dream is a good reminder of that.