Dream: A Friend Changes Her Mind

26 September 2017

In the dream, while I was sleeping a friend (S.W.) changed her mind and instead of coming home with me to a new place she decided to stay. My dream had suggested to me she might do this so I guessed that she might. She was angry with me when I guessed her negative action before she even told me because she wanted to see me get angry.

Instead of getting angry and lashing out I just made new travel arrangements by train or bus and went about making sure I was packed and ready for the trip. This seemed to annoy her to a degree.

My analysis: This dream is a memory of being abandoned by a friend who I trusted. She allowed something negative someone said to see a situation in a negative way in real life. The dream shows me what I can do well which is to stay focused on a goal no matter who comes along with me. The goal I’m striving to attain is higher and more noble than just getting into petty arguments with people who aren’t committed anyway.

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