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Fire Dream: Being in a Van When an Explosion Goes Off

May 22, 2018

IMG_0723In the dream, there’s a group of us in a 10-seater van. I look behind us and see there’s about to be an explosion so I warn the people in the van to get down, to duck, to get as low as possible. There’s enough room for all of us to duck low under the seats and when the fire goes off and crosses over us we feel the heat but there’s no smoke and no one gets burned. There’s enough oxygen on the ground of the van and everyone is fine.

Later, when we are getting out I see we are at a concert of some sort and I’m feeling disorientated and confused. No one seems hurt or upset as though they didn’t experience the fire. People are lining up to get into the gate but I can’t tell where the gate is or who is performing or if I’m going or not.


Fire in a dream is about inspiration. Finding a low space with lots of air is about being safe and comfortable even when someone else’s inspiration has a potentially negative influence on where you want to go with others.

The solution to the dream is to be really inspired and take others where you want to go.

Dream: A Friend Changes Her Mind

26 September 2017

In the dream, while I was sleeping a friend (S.W.) changed her mind and instead of coming home with me to a new place she decided to stay. My dream had suggested to me she might do this so I guessed that she might. She was angry with me when I guessed her negative action before she even told me because she wanted to see me get angry.

Instead of getting angry and lashing out I just made new travel arrangements by train or bus and went about making sure I was packed and ready for the trip. This seemed to annoy her to a degree.

My analysis: This dream is a memory of being abandoned by a friend who I trusted. She allowed something negative someone said to see a situation in a negative way in real life. The dream shows me what I can do well which is to stay focused on a goal no matter who comes along with me. The goal I’m striving to attain is higher and more noble than just getting into petty arguments with people who aren’t committed anyway.

Dream: Unexpected Farm & Almost Lost Taekwondo Bag

20 August 2017

In the dream, I had driven a long way with my daughter & a friend. We were looking for a certain animal farm and I thought we had found it but when we drove in I discovered it was the wrong one and I couldn’t figure out how to get to the right one. My daughter joined her friend in petting the animals and they were having a great time thinking that I had found the farm but meanwhile I was speaking with the farmer trying to get directions on where to go.

As it turned out, they didn’t mind us stopping by and let the girls enjoy their visit. So I didn’t need to look any further.

As we were leaving, I noticed my Taekwondo bag was caught on the bag bumper of a school bus and I started shouting in alarm. Someone nearby heard me and motioned to the driver who stopped the bus, retrieved the bag and returned it to me. I was so grateful!

This is a great dream which reminds me that sometimes when we think we are going for something we find out later that we don’t get exactly what we want but what comes is just as good.

The biggest issue is about my Taekwondo bag nearly getting dragged off. This is a powerful symbol for me which I will reflect on and consider how is this a metaphor for what’s happening in my life right now and what can I do to not let that kind of thing happen in real life.

Taekwondo is a metaphor for strength, agility and determination.

Dreamwork: Running From My Sister’s Negatives Brings Me Face-To-Face With My Mom’s

12 September 2017

This dream has two people in it who I know in real life. The important thing about dreaming of someone who you know in real life is to first think of them as a metaphor and not about the real person. The reason for this is so you can get the message of the dream and make any changes to your Self so you can grow. In real life, we cannot change anyone. They can change themselves if they wish to but we can NEVER change another person. So when someone shows up in a dream doing something negative then it’s valuable to think of the metaphor first because the amount of change in the realms of metaphors is infinite!

16722773_900950760007700_2345383566047671315_oIn the dream, my biological sister is chasing me, mocking me, taunting me rolling her eyes at me, getting others to look down on me.

When she doesn’t stop I run away and when I run away she follows me, thinking it is an entertaining game and finding it really enjoyable seeking out to destroy me.

In the dream, I run into a Martial Arts training club and blend in with the crowd who are training. She comes into the club and stops in her tracks.

(There is something so powerful about a group of Martial Artists!)

I speak with the lead instructors and I start training with them. When I leave the training area I am given a phone and speak with someone from Children’s Aid Society.

They ask a few questions then end the conversation. Later I find out someone had reported me to the agency after they read something I had wrote against them. But there is no further issue.

Then I am sitting in a bus and look up and my biological mother is there, glaring down at me. I want to run away but don’t need to run anymore. She starts saying all her negative things and I say,

“Perhaps the reason my sister acts the way she does is because of the negative way you are as a parent. Perhaps I am not the problem but YOUR PARENTING is the problem.”

She looks entirely baffled.

She wants to say No. But she can’t speak.

There is Truth to what I was saying and she knows it.

That is the end of that dream.

Dream: Bus on a Mountain

23 May 2017

The perfection of the dreamworld continues to bring me a sense of awe and gratitude. I’m amazed at the way the dreamworld can reveal such important Truths for this Day we are living in when Humanity is waking up to their gifts and advancing daily towards greater conditions of Peace. 

This dream has the metaphor of an icy mountain. It’s a fine place to be if you have skies but not so fine if you are driving a bus. Ice in a dream is about the cold which shows up in a relationship when someone is only thinking of themselves and their selfish gains. A mountain is a high piece of land which takes great determination and diligence to climb and has a wonderful view at the top. 

A bus is a way of getting to where you are going with a lot of other people. So this dream is about overcoming the conditions some people have caused with their cold-hearted behaviour and then sharing the learning with others so an inspiring view and perspective of achievement can be discerned.

chiefmountainHere is the dream: I dreamed a bus driver maneuvered us on an icy mountain slope. Later I was talking with someone about what she had done and was saying, “She is really amazing!”

Someone on the bus who was negative in real life (J.J.) asked me for help and I gave it. I told them two places where they could find a map to where they were going. They were grateful.

Analysis: To dream of this bus driver using a lot of skill to get us to safety means I can see ways now to get through challenging situations without getting harmed. Gaining the respect of someone who disrespected me in real life shows evidence of the power of the human spirit to overcome challenges and arise to a more collectively peaceful condition.