Dream: Diving in for my Wallet, Boiled Potatoes, MORE

(In the past, scientists said dreams were just random & meaningless images generated by the brain while sleeping. Now they are changing their story. More and more people are discovering that uncovering unconscious fears through Dreamwork and doing daily work to increase Courage and Confidence can be a powerful tool for success in a profession, a relationship, or a financial endeavor. Writing and sharing dreams opens up a world of previously untapped positive possibilities and potential.) 

08 April 2017

In the dream there is a lot going on.

18698408_10158840937995595_8276253282723731045_nThe environment seems to be at a lodge, in a woodsy-type area.

E.N. is there orchestrating things. I’ve prepared a dinner at the last minute because I wasn’t expecting guests. He puts a boiled potato in his mouth and spits it out. Someone else tries the peas and spits them out too. I know that I’ve eaten bad food for so long that I can’t tell anymore what others would say is good or bad and I feel embarrassed.

He finds something else to eat and devours it and so I know for sure he has an appetite and that my food was the issue.

Later, he puts up a big sign and something in the sign really resonates with me. It speaks to coincidences and syncronicity and I attempt to mention it but then someone puts a cloth around my head and jaw and they tell me to “Try Now” and I can’t move a muscle in my face. They convey that this is how it should be now. I understand that I don’t have to talk about everything.

A time later, I am on the deck of a large Olympic-sized swimming pool. At first the pool is empty but then lots of people are given hoses and water starts to fill in. I drop my wallet but figure it’s okay because there’s no water and then I go to another room. Then it dawns on me that water is filling in and my wallet would soon be wet. When I return to the room I expect to see puddles but instead the pool is already half full. I spot my wallet at the far left corner and I start off walking but then dive right in and go right to it. I scoop it up and once back on the deck I look inside. Miraculously, there is only one small part which got wet but the zipper and pockets protected my ID cards and there’s no issue.

I’m feeling so grateful.

Later on, there’s some sort of presentation with E.N. and others. The work he’s doing is really inspiring and I find myself listening attentively.

Randomly, at one point I was in a room and started floating. An elephant walked in the room at the same time and I bumped into it’s large forehead area. I started laughing. It nudged me like a balloon and I let myself float back down to the ground.

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