Eliminating Parasites: 6 Steps To Getting to Your Playfulness

  1. The job is to see the parasites
    • Click here for 7 questions to help see the parasites
  2. Get rid of them so that your life is not overburdened
  3. Maintain the quality of discernment
    • The key here is to be able to use wise action at the right time. Be smart and careful. Try not to elicit strong actions from the person’s ego-fears but also don’t be too shy that you take no action. Discernment is a skill built with time.
  4. Support people to cooperate toward positive ends
    • Most people really want to get along and to move forward in positive ways. You can do this in a variety of ways. More will be written about this in time.
  5. Communicate better through writing
    • I can almost gaurentee if you go about trying to remove a parasite you will end up writing in one form or another – via text, email, social media or even in legal documents. The more you perfect these steps the better your communication will be.
  6. Play a lot more
    • The process of eliminating parasite-type people takes diligence and effort. Remembering to be light and easy and to do the things you love to do, to play games, to laugh and to be able to see the bright side of things is a wonderful gift to yourself and others. When you can get here, you know your work is done!

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