Parasite Dreams: Releasing the Parasites

In the dream, I went to the washroom and a few really long parasites came out. I did a double-take when I saw them because I wasn’t expecting them. Then when I was sure that’s what they were I said to myself, “well, they are better out than in.” And as I walked away I recalled taking a natural medicine which would help me release parasites and I felt grateful that it was working.

I haven’t dreamed about parasites in such a long time.

The first time was in 2010 when they showed up as a re-occuring issue often.

Then, as I worked through some of the issues around this they stopped showing up in my dreams.

So here is one again.

The good thing is that it was dead and also that it was intentional. So now it’s just a matter of flushing it away and detaching.

No big deal.

A parasite is a creature that leaches off of the host and steals nutrients. In real life, it could be a person who is like a parasite who takes more than they give.

To flip a parasite dream to the positive, the dreamer can strive to become like a positive parasite, attaching to positives and giving a lot more than they take.


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