Avoiding Jealousy like a Lion Leads to Empowerment

In the dream, I am being arrested. My sentence? Some kind of community service training thing – and then off to women’s prison. What worries me the most in the dream is not the conditions of the jail or losing opportunities in the outside world but the thought of what the newspapers will print of my arrest and how my family will react. What they end up doing when they find out is withhold affection from me and shun me.

When analyzing this dream, I remember dozens of times throughout my 20s & 30s when I was striving to get to a higher state of being and then I was STOPPED aggressively by people around me. In real life I’ve never been arrested by police for any reason but I have felt the metaphoric condition of “being arrested” when I tried to go for something I really wanted and was stopped in my tracks due to fear or embarrassment or any other range of negative emotion. In real life, when I tried to blow up the positive and do a lot of transformative work, I was shut down, shut up, and shut off by people closest to me. The dream is reminding me of those painful memories and the solution now in real life is to not let the memory of what stopped me in the past continue to affect my day-to-day present life.

I know for certain that many readers of this blog have experienced painful trauma, abuse, and control at the hands of people who flaunted false-authority over them. Whether the negative actions were coming from a spouse/partner, or a parent, sibling, employer or colleague, the actions were painful and stopped all positive progress. The reason people do these kinds of horrible things is primarily because of their own issues with jealousy. Jealousy is a horrendously negative emotion which makes a person fearful of losing a perceived position of power or authority. It is one of the hardest emotions to work with and often leads to conflict and contention in an environment. It’s nearly impossible to grow or change in an environment where jealousy is running rampant.

That’s how I know that the main negative emotion fueling the engine of the destructive behaviour from people who tried to arrest all my positive actions in the past is JEALOUSY.

The dream is basically telling me to blow up the positives, detach from all inclinations towards expecting connection or acknowledgement from people who aren’t capable of giving it, and move forward towards my goals unimpeded.

This is an important lesson for anyone who has been fired by jealous employers, divorced a jealous spouse or been mistreated by a jealous parent or family member. The key is to avoid the negative behaviour like it was a poisonous snake or a vicious lion. Avoid the behaviour and then move forward determined to have the goal achieved.

It truly works.

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