Dreams Bring Attention To Strengths

When dreams come with clarity, the purpose is either to bring the dreamer’s attention to something they are doing well and can continue repeating with a lot of confidence or to show the dreamer areas in their life where they can grow. Part of the biggest issue that everyone in the world is facing right now is that we have old & outdated ways of thinking & behaving which are not conducive to the growth and development of humanity. Why be concerned about the growth of humanity? Good question. It’s worth exploring. 🙂

When I first started interpreting dreams with a focus on Transformation, city streets were a positive symbol of progress, entrepreneurial endeavors, and connectedness.

Today I’m reflecting on anger. It’s one of the most powerful vehicles for change because there’s so much energy behind this emotion. When I feel anger then I know it’s an opportunity to open up tranquility & calm. In my childhood, I saw angry people around me regularly and it used to scare me but that’s because some people don’t know how to feel the emotion and process it to get to the positive opposite. What I’ve learned in the transformation work is that anger is a signal to be calm & tranquil because if we fall into the anger it makes us lose our minds. When I was a child and encountered someone who was angry I would suddenly feel so frightened that I couldn’t think straight and all I would want to do is hide. But it’s not like that anymore. I can see the anger, detach from the negative, embrace the passionate energy and stay calm and get curious.

Getting curious instead of furious is a fantastic way to dissolve anger.

Ask people why they are doing something. Or ask them how’s it working out for them and genuinely be open to the response. This approach helps build understanding & compassion. BE ALERT though because if you are in a relationship with a narcissist then this cooperative approach will never work. This approach is useful between partners who equally support & honour one another, who grow together through life’s challenges and nurture one another with compassion and respect.

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