More on Avoiding Negative Behaviour like it was a Lion

Last weekend I posted a dream about jealousy & avoiding negative behaviour as though it were a snake or a lion. Interestingly, this week I also dreamed about lions -and trying to avoid them.

In the dream I’m on a large mountain range with hills & valleys. I’m 3/4 the way up a hill nearing the precipice when I see a lion pride nearing the same path I’m on. I remembering hearing the guide say to avoid the lions when they arrive, try to hide, let them pass, and then they won’t bother us. My partner & I move slowly to a clearing in the brush when suddenly I see a den in the hillside. At first I think maybe we can crawl inside for shelter but then I consider maybe it’s a snake’s den and we best leave it be. So we keep looking and then find some cedar tree overhangs to nestle into while the lions pass. I’m surprised at the amount of them. At first I thought it was 4-5 but then more and more keep coming and there are dozens of them ascending the hill and lingering at the cliff’s edge.

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