An Introduction to Dreamwork Method

Dear Richard,

I’m having dreams about calling 911, about emergencies, that don’t turn
>> > out
>> > to be emergencies. But there are challenging situations in the dreams
>> > (first
>> > the one about the thief, and then this one about a woman who has
>> > stroke.)
>> >
>> > I am trying to understand your way of interpreting dreams so that I can
>> > use
>> > it myself when I am interpreting my own dreams. Do you explain your
>> > methods
>> > in your book?
>> >
>> > In the meantime, I am going through a termendous upheaval in my life
>> > right
>> > now and my dreams are all about houses and these uncomfortable
>> > situations in
>> > them with my family. (As you know now I am not close with anyone in my
>> > family) but I am trying to work on myself and heal so of course I cannot
>> > detach myself from my family completely as they are part of me and part
>> > of
>> > what made me.
>> >
>> > This dream I had a few days ago about a woman having a stroke. Do you
>> > think
>> > it is a warning? Is the message of a stroke dream about losing power, or
>> > feeling disabled or “unable” or incompetant?…My “son” in the end is a
>> > symbol of peace I believe as I feel termendous love and peace when the
>> > operator mentions him. But I am having trouble understanding the
>> > methaphor
>> > and what I need to do to bring his qualities of youthfulness, adventure,
>> > creativety and independance into my life.
>> >
>> > If I am asking too much of you please tell me so. Perhaps when you made
>> > your
>> > invitation for people to submit a dream you meant only one. But your
>> > messages have been so helpful I keep feeling compelled to share with you
>> > despite my best efforts to figure it out myself.
>> >
>> > Anyway, here is one of my 911 house dreams….
>> >
>> > ************************************************************************************************************
>> >
>> > I am at Lucy’s home in Quebec. Shie or Lucie (close family friends)
>> > falls on
>> > the ground then tries to get up then falls again. I go over to her and
>> > see
>> > she’s fainted. Call 911 I say. Dad, Andrea, Sebastien and others are
>> > around.
>> > No one calls immediately. They don’t seem worried at all. I have to tell
>> > them again. Call 911, someone’s having a stroke. So finally someone is
>> > calling and I check the symptoms. Speak in a clear sentence is the one I
>> > remember. She says her name which is not Shie or Lucy and I really don’t
>> > know who this person is. Stick your tongue out, I say and she does. It
>> > goes
>> > to the side indicating a stroke. I am quite sure she just had a stroke.
>> > Her
>> > mouth is now slanted and she’s disorientated. She gets up and starts
>> > walking
>> > and her left side is paralyzed or numb. She can’t move it. What is
>> > taking
>> > them so long? We are waiting and waiting. But as I watch her it begins
>> > to
>> > occur to me that she may be like this always and it is not a stroke at
>> > all.
>> > Maybe she is disabled.
>> >
>> > Someone tells me there is someone on the phone for me. I get on the
>> > phone
>> > and the operator tells me that she heard something disturbing when that
>> > person called her for 911. She said to me that “your son is afraid of
>> > you.”
>> > and that is why he is hiding in his room. And I recall my teenage son
>> > who is
>> > tall with wavy light brown hair who is avoiding me. I say okay and I
>> > understand that I used to be much more voilent when I had him because I
>> > had
>> > him when I was really young and now that I’m older I need to talk to him
>> > and
>> > tell him that I will not hurt him. This is where there is peace and love
>> > in
>> > the dream. I have love for my son and I have a peacefulness when I
>> > consider
>> > what I can give to him.  I go to his room. I begin to talk to him. He is
>> > reluctant but listens.
>> >

Dear Rachel,
>>    I first want to tell you a few things about my method.  Well, the
>> first requirement is the ability to sit or meditate on something for a
>> long time.   This would be equivalent to reading a Hidden Word and
>> then going out and keeping it in your mind all day and letting it
>> reveal its meaning to you.    Having the quality of peacefulness and
>> calm is what seems to be what I am really gifted in.  I just seem to
>> have the ability to go in and hang with something for a long time.
>> It is not a quality too highly valued nor trained so you have to find
>> your way with it.   I am really good at being introverted meaning
>> being able to go inwards.    Actually it is a one of our daily
>> required activities, meditation that is.   So the better you get at
>> reflection, the better you get at dream work or therapy for that
>> matter.
>>     You can develop that ability by slowing down your mind and
>> figuring out metaphoric or symbolic meaning.   I first started doing
>> this with with Native American myths.   This was the hard part for
>> most teachers, getting what the myth means.  Most people don’t have
>> enough self discipline in their minds so they tend to go for literal
>> meanings like Noah and the flood.  It is just so much more interesting
>> to go for symbolic meaning.   I have just done a lot of dreams so now
>> they come fast to me, but if I haven’t encountered a symbol before, I
>> just spend the time to figure out what it represents.  You just say to
>> your self, What is a …..? like what is a mountain or what is a river
>> or what is an otter, etc.  Then the meaning starts to reveal itself.
>>    The third part is extremely important and I am just so surprised
>> that more people have not found out the secret of it like I have.
>> Human beings are dueled natured, true self and ego, spiritual and
>> material.   The engine of the ego is negative emotions, while that of
>> the true self is virtues.   They act in ways directly opposite of each
>> other so this gives you a formula for solutions.    So in your case,
>> when you feel panicked and in emergency mode, the solution is
>> peacefulness because one is slow while the other is really fast.
>> Every ego state or every issue has a solution.
>>   Working with dreams is a lot like learning to play a musical
>> instrument and if you think of it that way, you can get good at
>> working with yourself.
>>   So what about your dream?    Being in an emergency mode and needing
>> to call 911 should be the first clue for you.   Now there is a
>> possibility that you are gifted at emergencies and that is your
>> calling, but since peacefulness is your issue, you can assume that the
>> dream is trying to get you to a more peaceful state so that you can do
>> some other things.
>> The first part of the dream seems to tell you that when people are who
>> close to you are having an issue, that your family treats it as if
>> nothing is wrong.   And when you start to deal with someone’s issue,
>> you find that the problem is that who you thought they were, has
>> changed.   The left side of the body indicates that something is wrong
>> with the right brain and this is what makes them disabled.    The
>> right brain has to do with creativity and seeing the big picture, and
>> when someone only has a functional left brain, they just seem to go
>> along with the way things are around them.
>>    This is the problem with your family.    They just go along with
>> the way the world is so they don’t see people who are having
>> difficulties expressing the part that is creative and wants things to
>> change as a big deal.     You see it and you try to get help, but they
>> don’t.   The peacefulness part has something to do with being able do
>> the work without being an emergency mode.   The right brain requires
>> peacefulness.
>>   In the second part of the dream you are really exactly right about
>> the son and you can think of him as the part of you that somehow
>> became disconnected when you were a youth.   The dream shows you that
>> when you are calm with him, meaning calm with yourself, that the parts
>> of you that needed to come out in the past will listen and start to
>> express themselves.   This means that your adolescent self is ready to
>> come out, your inner adolescent.
>>   So the first major issue of your life is how to get into a calm,
>> peaceful, non-judgmental place which was unattainable as a child.  Now
>> you are making that progress and getting into a place of peacefulness.
>>  When you use it, it lets the adolescent out.   Above all else,
>> adolescents need adults who are non-judgmental and calm.   Believe me.
>>  If you have this gift, then they will flourish with you.  So you can
>> understand from the dreams that as the peacefulness is consolidated
>> that the adolescent will appear as your adventurous self.
>>   Your inner adolescent was probably blocked because of living in an
>> environment of judgment.
>> Anyway,   you seem to be doing all of the right things and you seem to
>> making good progress so keep with it.
>> Richard

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