Flying & plane

  • encountered a trio of someone manipulative,  someone jealous and someone angry in a place they weren’t supposed to be
  • I was trying to help the manipulate person get what she wanted, which was a meaningful relationship, without using manipulation and using honesty instead
  • but she kept turning back to the jealousy person, protecting her, defending her
  • and the angry man behind the jealous girl gave me a look so as to say, “If you hurt her I will hurt you.”
  • So I got angry and upset and had to tell the two adults that the jealous teenager type person had to go, since she was behaving obnoxious
  • I did that and they didn’t like it
  • a bird hit me on the head and i watched it – it was black and looked like it was carrying something or it had a human body and bird wings.
  • and then when i went walking then i start – ed soaring
  • I flew high and then got up there as was like “well, now where to?”
  • I went flying around and viewed the landscape it was really beautiful
  • I saw hills and forests, lakes and rivers and meadows


in another dream, i was in an airplane with gracie but she was being really negative, lying and she hid in a room, or one of her best friends did

but we knocked on the door and got her

we were floating inside the plane


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