Rising Above The Issue of Women’s Equality

22 July 2017

“I received several dreams from around the world today that reminded me that by far, the #1 issue worldwide is women’s equality.” (Richard Hastings, 2016)

The soul is genderless.

It is manifested in the body of a male or female.

The qualities and characteristics of the physiology of the body and the conditions & limitations within the culture impress on the soul certain constraints or opportunities.

The problem with the issue of inequality of women is that, even in this most advanced day in age, there are still so many conscious and unconscious behaviours in families and communities which re-enforce this false notion that women are the weaker gender.

In one past relationship I was in, the man never outright said that he believed I was weaker than him, but he treated me as though I was weaker. He had learned to keep his not-politically correct private beliefs to himself and would not say, “You are dumb, Woman. So just do what I tell you to do.” However, he would behave and act in such a way  so as to convey that message WITHOUT WORDS. Moreover, there was always a suggestion of a threat which went along with those behaviours. The subtle message was, “…and if you don’t do what I tell you what to do, you will be sorry.”

Men, especially white men, can control and manipulate with their physical strength, with their tone of words, with finances, with social alienation, and more.

In another relationship, the man was more bold. When he felt angered or threatened by my strength as a woman he would outright tell me, “You are dumb, Woman!” and he believed it, whole-heartedly.

Of course, I know/knew he is/was wrong but to tell him this would be to just enter into an argument with his dark ego self and there is a time and place for this but it is sometimes a waste of energy.

When he said those words it showed me the degree to which he has been conditioned to believe he is the stronger one in the relationship just by nature of his gender.

It turns out that this man was not white. I wondered if his negative actions within a relationship had something to do with the high degree of racism he experiences in his own life.

It is as though he tolerates so much negativity from white men, and the Euro-centered world that he then finds an opportunity to assert authority over the women close to him in order to try to re-build himself again.

I often found myself wondering: Which is worse: to be a man of colour in a majority white city or to be a white woman? I go back and forth in my conclusion but ultimately, I do think there are still more advantages given a man of colour than a woman, no matter what race she is.

There’s so much to say around this issue, in how it relates to education, to professional careers, to generating income, to child-rearing, and to the development and expression of the true self.

It seems our culture is designed to allow for men to develop themselves in any area they choose. And women are still largely limited, even though some doors have opened IN SOME WAYS, there are still so many limitations it’s rather disturbing.

I don’t want to leave this on a negative note but I also don’t want to sugar -coat an issue which is so devastating.

The sum of it is that this is clearly still the biggest challenge facing the world today and not until we experience a complete transformation of the fundamental principle of the equality of men & women will we as a human family be able to achieve the full depth of the Unity we desire.

2 thoughts on “Rising Above The Issue of Women’s Equality”

  1. Thank you Mittie for your positive words about this post. I appreciate your encouraging feedback on such an important issue.


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