Dream: Crimestoppers Police Requesting my Help


07 August 2017

In the dream last night I was sleeping and my daughter woke me up. She told me there was a Crimestopping Police Officer downstairs and he wanted to work with me. I said, “OKay I’ll be right down” and then in a few moments I went down and found the constable sitting at my dining room table. I was groggy from sleep but asked him what I can do for him. He looked at his note pad which he held in his hands and I had the thought that he wanted my help with a crime that he and his partner couldn’t solve.

My analysis: To dream of waking up is about waking up to new realities, to new parts of the self. Since I was in my house in the dream it is about waking up to my self. I can think of my daughter in the dream as my own daughter in real life or I can think of her as a metaphor for my own childhood, or the part of my self which experienced childhood.

Police officers are necessary in the world because they help protect citizens. In the future, the institution of the police academy will be very different, more trusted and more effective. To dream of a friendly police officer asking for my help means I am becoming conscious of a part of myself which is highly effective at protection. Since this was a “crimestopping” police officer it means when I am in my strongest self being effective at protecting the ones I love then I solve crimes.

In real life, what I can do to solve the metaphor of this dream, is think about where in my life do I see the most injustice? I might want to think about injustice to children specifically & then I can think about what I can do in day-to-day life to work towards change.

When I write about the significant spiritual realities of life I am playing my part in creating change.

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