Travel Dreams: How to get to where you’re going

In the dream, I’m in the passenger side of a transport truck and the driver is someone I’m attracted too. He’s become warm from the travel over a desert and I make him a bottle of ice water. He’s grateful. He tells me about where we are going. I realize I’ll stay the night with him because it’s impossible to get a cab back this time of night and where we are going is rather remote.

When we get there, we are in a tall office building where people are working all night long. It’s brightly-lit and poorly ventilated. I feel pity for the workers.

Later we are finding a place to rest. T.G. is sleeping. She wakes up to give us the bed and she goes to her own. When she goes back to her own she finds she can’t rest there. I see her looking disorientated but I can’t help her.

Then T.W. is in a bed or nearby and I just nod to him too.

Eventually I change in to my pyjamas and am glad that he and I have some time together. My mind keeps going into really great places thinking of being together.

At one point, I see J.N. & A.A. in a poorly ventilated apartment. I open the sliding door to let air in but it’s been blocked off. The dog is there and the air is worse. Ew. There’s no way to help them.

At another part, I’m an assistant teacher and am with children who are taking turns on a musical instrument & tapping out the notes for Twinkle Twinkle.

The woman who is supposed to lead is a bit behind but is catching up.


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