Relationship Dreams – How to Differentiate between Metaphors & Literal Meanings

January 30, 2017

The other day I dreamed about falling in love, making love, conceiving a baby, nursing and raising the baby and enjoying a day at the beach with the man I love and the father of our son. Here is a link to the dream if you are interested.

Remember: Sex in dreams is a metaphor for intimacy in relationships. The metaphoric meaning should always be considered first.

There are several reasons why this dream stood out for me so much. For one, instead of the dream having a plot-line of about a day or a week, it spanned more than four years. So by the time I had this moment nursing our son beside him on the beach I had a sense of knowing and loving him for years. That was a powerful feeling.

It also stood out because it was so positive. Beginning, middle and end. Since it involved the memory of having had sex, it caught my attention because sex is a symbol for intimacy.

When I was considering the positives in this dream and how to run with the positive energies I realized the importance of understanding the metaphor first. When the metaphorical message of the dream is understood first then it’s clear when it’s also a literal meaning or not.

This dream means I can really work well with this person. We can conceive an idea, bring it to fruition, and then nurture it and have a really good time together. That is the metaphoric message of this dream.

As for a literal message, O.R. and I are not in a place to really start conceiving children so it’s not to be taken literal in that way for now.

The important message was to realize our ability to conceive, birth, nurture and enjoy ideas together.

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