Creating a New Self – Developing Character

January 31, 2017

Recently, someone sent me this dream.

I dreamt that I was with B. and we ran into Eminem in a department store. Then later on that night we got to go to Eminem’s premier of his new album and we got to sit with him and he gave me a small hat and onesie for my youngest daughter.  

Here is my analysis:

This dream is a continuation on the theme of character development. Or developing positive qualities.

There are three types of traits. Those we inherit from our parents. Those we learn, say from school. And those which are unique to us which no one else in the world has. I like to think of those unique traits as “gems” and that each person is born with their own unique gem inside of them.

Because this person had sent me dream in the past and we’d been looking at qualities the dreamer inherited, learned from school I could see that this one is more about what makes the dreamer uniquely themselves.

To the dreamer I wrote:

The positive message of the dream is showing you that as you continue to become increasingly aware of this in your life, you will be able to pass that down to your daughter too. She will have the good qualities from you plus her own “gem” which makes her unique and that’s how things get better and better in each generation.

Do you remember that before your daughter was born you sent me a dream about her? I remember writing to you and saying you have qualities you can give her. I’d have to look back at my notes to see the details. 

Here she shows up in your dream now so there is more clarity and that’s great.

Several questions come to mind in a dream about meeting a famous person.

You can ask yourself things such as: What qualities does Eminem have that I like or that I relate to?

How am I like him?

How am I different from him?

The same positive quality which Eminem has, you also have, and so does your daughter.

You are giving to her the best of who you are.

That is really fantastic! Keep up the good work!

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