Daily Dream Diary – A Prostitute Van


In the dream, I’m standing in front of a large black tractor trailer. It has a large sign on it of a scantly-clad woman on the front, like the kind strip joints have. I go inside and the driver starts driving away. I’m with one other person, a partner who is also a private investigator. When we move from the front to the back we find about a dozen beds, most of them with a woman sleeping. I get the idea that they are prostitutes and the man driving is pimping them out. It’s some sort of sex truck. My partner gets the idea at the same time. She crawls into one of the empty beds and signals she’ll stay here to see what happens and she’ll call me. I agree.

Then I go back toward the front and then announce to the driver this is where I want off. It seems he picked us up as hitch-hikers. Instead of slowing down he speeds up. When I realize his intentions I open the latch on the door and leap out, rolling onto the grass and brush on the side of the hwy.

I start running, regretting that I wasn’t closer to homes but the day is bright and there are people in their yards. I can’t seem to run at full speed. I’m trying my hardest to run but it’s like I’ve been drugged or like I’m running in a hologram not designed for running. I press on though and then notice I’m getting closer to a few people who can hear me.

“Help!” I yell. “Help!…Help!”

My words catch an older woman’s attention and she begins to run towards me.

At this point I realize the man driver has pulled over and is chasing me but I am very far away. When I look back I see him fall and know its because of drugs.

So then some people go to get him. Some come to me. Some call the police.

They figure out I had been drugged without my knowing it and as the drug leaves my system I’m with a few others who had it happen to them too and we are jumping and trying to shake it off.

Someone says the body is shaking to fluctuate in temperature so that it can go from where it was before getting high to the temperature it is now given the temperature in the air in the moment.


In another dream, I am at a resort with my mom and my sister. There is a warm pool and an inviting environment. I am upstairs and they want me to come down. But when I do then they act out and tease and embarrass me. I tell them instead I want to begin moving and getting ready to go. I go to a basement and start moving things. My mom shows up. She is suspicious about why I don’t want to be in the pool. Everyone likes pools.

I can’t explain it because she doesn’t see how harmful her negative behaviour is with my sister. My sister’s issue is extreme jealousy and then she speaks in a way to trigger my mom’s anger and they direct it at me as though I’ve done something wrong. In this way it can be like my mom is ensnared in a web.

But on the other hand, because my mom take pleasure in watching me suffer then she can be seen not as an innocent victim of manipulation but also as a manipulator herself.

She did not come down to the basement to help. She came down to ask questions. To try to get to me. To try to stop me. But she wants to give the impression she’s helping me.

I try to get out but find it’s hard to find a way to get out and also stay out of conflict.

Also as I’m trying to clean up things fall into the toilet and I flush and then try to catch them. A child’s toy plane. A blue roll of scotch tape. A miscellaneous thing like a pen. I catch all the things and nothing gets stuck in the drain.

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