Why is it Useful to Remember Dreams?

  1. Dreams reveal unconscious fears.
    • When we remember the dreams and identify the fears we can eliminate them and live with much more Peace in our lives.
  2. Dreams reveal unconscious obstacles.
    • When we remember the dreams, we can identify the obstacles, eliminate them and are better able to get to where we want to go.
  3. Dreams reveal unconscious wishes.
    • When we remember dreams, we can see things we wish for and then can give more attention to going for them in real life.
  4. Dreams reveal unconscious negative patterns in relationships.
    • When we remember our dreams, we can learn about our Self and how others interact with us. When negativity shows up we can do great work and change.

For these reasons and more, remembering dreams and working with the images in a process of change and transformation keeps life getting better and better every day.

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