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Dream of Ferry Ride With an Ex-boyfriend

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In the dream, I’m a smoker, even though in real life I’m not. In the dream, I’m wearing a baggy jacket and have 1/2 dozen loose cigarette butts in each pocket but no full cigarette. I’m with a bunch of smokers and ask them for one and they all say they don’t have any. I say it’s okay, it doesn’t matter, I’m quitting anyways.

Then an ex-boyfriend arrives. In real life he’s an ex but in the dream I am still trying to salvage the relationship. I ask him if he wants to catch the ferry with me and go do something off the island. At first he disagrees but he concedes with my insistence and he even offers to pay.

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I notice right away he starts taking photos with his phone which is a strange & uncharacteristic behaviour of his. He does it so much that he has no emotional connection or interaction with me at all as we wait in line for the ferry, board and start traveling. I see a huge piece of ice float down a river and point it out and he takes a photo and I hear him say, “This one is for you (meaning me)” and then he takes another one saying “And this second one is for you (meaning another woman)” and he sends the second pic to someone.

After seeing him do this 3 times I confront him with it. He doesn’t deny it. I say why didn’t he just tell me and we could have ended amicably. He said he couldn’t tell me. He didn’t want to hurt me.

So I tell him I’m not going on this trip with him and when the ferry stops I board a returning boat to go back home. He continues on.

I feel a mixture of sadness and relief.

When I get back, it’s too late to make it all the way home so I stay at an Air BnB which has a lot of others staying there too. Recollection of this part of the dream is foggy. It seems we were moving furniture around. There were a lot of people but I don’t recall more than that.

Intimate Dream: Kissing in Dreams is a Metaphoric Verb for the Coming Together of Qualities

The purpose of this blog is to openly share dreams to remind people of the invisible, mysterious, non-scientific, purely inspirational part of the human spirit, of the human life experience.

Here is one of the most a unique qualities about The Healing With Dreamwork Blog. Dreams are shared even when they are of an intimate nature because the metaphor is one of the most important messages of dreams. So keep that in mind when you read a dream about a kiss. The message of the dream is to develop qualities like the person being kissed. In this dream, he happens to be a pilot so that is about flying, rising above the ordinary and soaring into the positive future.

Here is the dream:

Sleeping on an air mattress

Getting in a car with my boss driving and I’m right behind him

He seems stressed & tired but music is going and I can’t tell if he’s really stressed and tired or relaxing

it’s dark and raining

there’s a bit of confusion about where i’ll sleep, my room

and i’m ready to make accommodations

someone beside me said she sleeps with an air mattress on her bed and i thought that sounded comfortable…but awkward


I am kissing an old friend, V.J. The kiss is playful and sweet. It’s sensuous and safe. I think to myself that this is great and we should be together and then I remember that I’ve seen a flaw in his character and I cannot marry him.

He invites me onto a bouncy castle where there is a space to sleep on the top. We have slept there before. I remember the feeling. Now that I know we aren’t getting married I think I should not sleep there beside him again.

I stay below and am in a small apartment/house. We are getting ready for a very long journey, north. He has the directions and plans to do some of the driving. I’m ready to drive too.

Nervous. But ready.

Daily Dream Diary

October 30, 2016

Sometimes I dream of images and scenarios which remind me of Ocean’s 11. I watched that movie so long ago and all I recall of it was a lot of people talking about something only some people knew about and it was all covert and illegal.

That’s the kind of dream I had last night.

My waking life feels like that too.

Busy, wearing a lot of different hats, looking forward to a lot of great things.

The problem in the movie, and the dream, and real life, is this feeling that if I take a step and it is misunderstood that bad things can happen to me or others I care about.

It’s where trust comes in. Taking action trusting in the best possible outcome for everyone involved.


Daily Dream Journal

October 07, 2016

  • In the dream I am eating at a table with a friend & his wife. I see she has separated her noodles from the sauce or her cereal from the milk & she looks sad. So I offer her some of mine and put it on the plate in front of her. She looks happier. So I give her some more. Then she tells me she lost Chris. She repeats herself, “I lost my Chris.” I understand she lost her son and I wonder if he died or was kidnapped. She wrapped her arms around herself and rocked. I wondered what to say to make it better.
  • In another part, a man was kidnapped. He had rope around his ankles and was being dragged. There was a toilet attached to him. A small girl was watching out of the back of a camper in the yard and she saw the kidnappers. I could tell that later she would be able to identify them and help solve the murder.
  • In another part, my words were being read on the mainstream news. There was a woman reading my words on the news. She stumbled over a part and I felt bad that my grammar was not more smooth.




Dream: Solving a Crime

30 May 2017

In the dream, I was solving a crime.

Now that I’m awake the details are not entirely clear.

In the dream I was asking questions and interviewing people about a crime.

I was figuring it out. It felt great.

But now that I’m awake the details aren’t entirely clear.


A crime in a dream is an injustice. Someone violating the rights of someone else. It’s a breaking apart of the natural order of things. It must be the epitome of acting from a place of fear. What I mean is, it seems to me that a criminal act is the result of an individual who has a tremendous amount of fear acting in the world. Complex crimes require a coordinated effort between people who are operating from a place of having a lot of fear.

The only way a complex crime works is to have someone with a lot of fear, collaborating with others who have a lot of fear, working towards a materialistic aim. Whether it’s power or money, the lure is too tempting and the fear too intense. There must always be a voice telling them to stop. The natural voice of conscious but that voice can be silenced in many ways and then the criminal is free to do as they wish without conscious.

So if fear and materialism, the search for power and money, is at the heart of any crime then the sol20161215_094334ution to crime is Courage and Detachment. The specifics of how it applies in any given situation is unique to the individual but the general application is the same. Courage and Determination break through the illusion of power founded on material gains and these two qualities establish a condition of true empowerment for an individual.

These are just some thoughts about crime that came to mind when I was doing some dreamwork this morning. Thought I’d share.