Daily Dream Diary – Childhood Sweetheart

December 16, 2016

There is this guy who I have known since childhood. Although we have drifted apart for the past 20 years, he frequently shows up in my dreams. Such a mystery.

In last night’s dream, there he was. What was he doing? What was I doing? I don’t even remember now but when I woke up and noticed him I thought, “Oh no. Him again?” And I did not know what to do with the dream.

All I can remember is that we were in a large gathering and he was acting up and bringing attention to himself. People shook their heads at him because they knew his father abandoned the family and his mother was a drug addict, so he got away with more than most people.

But I had the feeling of wanting to help him. How? I didn’t know. But as I watched him and his antics I just wondered what it was he was trying to express that he needed.

There were other parts of the dream too, which I am remembering as I write, and it had something to do with holding a workshop in this home. And people teasing someone who turned out to be my dad and I made a comment that it’s not nice to tease, that he’s better and different than he was then, and that he shouldn’t be judged. Others listened.

So that was my dream last night.


This dream is about the remembered state of when I was in childhood.

The solution is to remember that I’m an adult now and what I couldn’t do then I can do now. For myself and for my daughter.

Just because there was trauma in childhood doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a happy and vibrant life and create a really positive one for my daughter too!! 🙂

I’m feeling so happy and grateful today. How wonderful!

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