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My Dream of Running an AirBnB

September 30, 2018

In the dream, I’m running an AirBnB. After the visitors leave I go into the place and find they’ve left it in complete disarray which gives me a feeling of frustration. I get busy cleaning it and it takes a long time to get it back to its original condition.

My Dream About Slowing Down

In the dream, I was driving & someone I knew was behind me. Maybe Mark. I drove over a hill and then down a street where there was construction and a new subdivision development. A man dressed in his First Nations regalia was crossing the street from my right to the left. He was beating a drum & chanting. He was protesting against the new subdivision and giving voice to the need for respect for the earth. Tears welled up inside me as I approached the stop sign and I called out the window that I was sorry. He turned, surprised, and looked me in the eye. Then when I turned the corner I stopped the car and he approached me and invited me back to his family’s home.

I guess I was driving along to his place and then came to construction on the road and there were 3-4 officers with speed guns pointed right at me. I was taken aback by them but wasn’t speeding so I just passed through slowly. They were wearing bright yellow jackets and pointing these guns at me so it startled me at first because I thought they were real guns but then saw it was officers positioned around the construction to be sure drivers adhered to the reduced speed limit.

Once there, a few things happened. For one, I met his mother or auntie and we had tea. There were a lot of people coming and going. It seems I left for a time and then returned and found people were dusting the house and someone said they were done, or nearly done, and I saw where they missed a spot on the lamp but didn’t know if I should mention it or not. I wanted to help but didn’t want to offend.

In another part of the dream, I was talking with another First Nations man about my whiteness and about wishing I could remove it. Stuff like that. There were about 4 of us, hanging out in the kitchen, just chillin’. It was casual and relaxing. But being relaxed made me nervous that something would happen and I wouldn’t be prepared for it. That’s just how I felt.

Dream: A Murderer Trying To Enter the House

26 July 2017

The atmosphere in the dream was dark. I was in a house and a murderer was trying to get in. It was a shadowy dark figure didn’t really have features of a human, more like a Dark Ghost. Every door it went to, every window it approached I was there and wouldn’t allow it to enter. It was exhausting but the dream ended without it coming inside.

In the dream world, a house is a symbol for the self. Its night time in the dream so this means it’s a part of myself I might be asleep to, or a part of my self I’m still unfamiliar with, unknown to me.

The murderer is not a person but a dark energy and I guard against it in the dream but in real life my daughter was vulnerable to making decisions which were harmful to others.

The dream and the real life situation are an important reminder for how essential it is to have strong bonds within the family and to guard against intruding thoughts and actions which can kill a relationship or an opportunity.

My Dream of Clouds

October 29, 2018

In the dream, I am driving or running down a street, moving quickly but I can’t remember if I was in a car or running. When I look up at the sky I see clouds spread out across the expanse of the sky and the clouds I see shapes which appear to be like gears within a machine. There are also random objects like spoons and cups and random household objects which are also somehow interconnected into this machine-like contraption in the clouds.

Dream: a Roller Coaster, Vacuum & Bicycle

October 11, 2018

black and white roller coaster
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In the dream, I am on a roller coaster track, climbing the rails, racing someone else who is doing the same. We’ve got equal abilities so it’s hard to see who is winning.

At another part, I’m at the home of the Woodward’s, where I spent a lot of time as a child. Dust is everywhere and a fan is blowing them around. I tell the mom I’ll clean it up and I keep trying to find a way to do that. Finally I find a vacuum which will clean it up.

The mom is happy and leaves donuts & coffee for us. I collect them from the front porch and bring them to my friend, who is her daughter. I’m better at cleaning than she is so I’m hoping the treats make up for it and alleviate her jealousy.

Also there’s another part where I’m crossing a busy road on a bike and I make sure there are no cars coming and then cross. When I’m halfway across I spot a cop car parked on the shoulder about a block down. I hop off the bike and rush to the other side of the street. The cop doesn’t take issue with my jay-walking and I get back on my bike and continue on my way.


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