Daily Dream Journal: Plumbing & Spiders

I dreamed about being in a house, visiting a friend, and when we drained the tub twice the pipes burst and water gushed through the walls. it nearly burst through but didn’t. the force of it created wind and nearly blew the roof off the house. at some point someone accused me of trying to steal someone’s husband and I said, “no, it’s not like that.” Which was the truth.

When the tub was set to drain a third time I put the plug in and I said, “lets let the         walls dry before sending this through.”

In another part, I went into the washroom and 3 spiders fell out of my shirt into the toilet. I stared at them wondering how they got there.

We were staying over at someone’s house and I was trying to set up some activities for G.P. & her friends.

The room was really dark, like a cabin, not enough windows or lighting.


Analysis ~

House dreams are about the Self.

Air is about the future.

Water is about Relationships & Life.

Bathrooms are symbols of the place in our selves where we release negatives and also relax and rejuvinate in the tub or shower.

Spiders  are about feminine qualities of creation.

Shirt/clothing is about roles.

To dream of a child can be about an actual child or about the dreamer when they were the age of the child in the dream.

Window is about being able to see the Vision.

Lighting is also about being able to see details.

The good thing in this dream is that the dreamer was not doing anything immoral, even though she was accused of that. The dream suggests there are others, perhaps 3 others, who are powerful female figures in her life which are causing her challenges which could have a long term affect on her future.

The old way for her used to be to become deeply emotional and this would tear down walls in herself which was not such a bad thing if she had some work to do on her self. But now she seems to want to protect her house/self and so she puts a plug in. This changes everything.

That is likely why the 3 spiders went down the drain. It’s like they can have their flooding water if they want but she has changed roles and doesn’t want it anymore.

In real life, she can look for opportunities where she didn’t see them before. Instead of becoming upset or saddened or frustrated she can now “put a plug in it” and just be herself and be okay. This is a really good dream.

It will take a bit of effort but it will be well worth it in time.



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