Daily Dream Diary – What to do when the ex shows up

I am in a kitchen. It’s a bit old. An ex is there and other family members. We are all chit-chatting and it’s a tad awkward but easy-going. Then he says something about mothers getting fat. His mother and I look to one another as though to say, “he’s crossed the line.”

He doesn’t see where his comments have been hurtful. But now that he has caused some mild distress in the group he takes control of the conversation and just chats away, laughing, like he’s the king of the show.


A dream like this shows up to remind the dreamer just how far she’s come to get away from toxic relationships which nourish one person but not both or all.

This is a common pattern of behaviour which shows up for women when they are in a relationship with a man who only thinks of himself, and who finds ways to belittle others so that he can dominate and control the situation.

Since he comments about mothers, this means he learned to do this to his mother too.

The solution for the dreamer is to remember the power of positive words and positive encouragement. In this way, others can be lifted up. Encouraging others is also like a shield which prevents negativity from coming in.

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