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In 2009 I began applying Richard’s solution-based transformation approach to going for great big change in life.

Since then I’ve been applying a method of identifying negatives and flipping them to the positive opposite and applying this to real world situations in work, service, at home.

I offer the story of my dreams and his interpretations in honour and gratitude of his dedication, commitment, service, compassion, kindness, wisdom, integrity, patience, forgiveness, and grace.

All rights reserved. With permission from all parties. Copyright Rachel (Czifra) Perry 2014

Dear Richard,

How are you? I have been thinking of you lately. My experience on pilgrimage was life-transforming and I have received so many answers to so many things that I had been seeking. Most importantly, I feel like I powerfully moved through the emotional blockage that I had around the failed marriage, around dependence on peers, and around my own issues with Trusting in God. I have forgiven myself and those involved and accept my life as it is and feel so much joy now. I have found a way to be confident and true to myself despite the thoughts and actions of my peers and co-workers, and I have found a renewed Trust in God again. As I reflect on the past year, I am so grateful for the insights I have gained through my dreams. It seems to me, the messages from my dreams were like those from a loving parent, guiding me through a very physically, mentally, and emotionally intense year. Lately, I have been either interpreting dreams myself, or have been ignoring them altogether — haha — well because I needed a break and a time to enjoy the new level of peace that I was experiencing.

You know, I wanted to ask you something. What I have found is that not too many people remember their dreams nightly the way I do. They may remember one significant one every 6 months or so and then the give some thought to it. For me, it is common to have 3-4 dreams a night and the more attention I give them the more come. It is like a water faucet that pours constantly. Sometimes it becomes overwhelming and I actually go to sleep sometimes hoping I don’t remember anymore so that I can continue to enjoy the images and messages from the ones I am sitting with already. And even then, I might remember bits and peices of dreams in the morning and just say “thanks, but not today”….LOLOL! So, seriously, are there others that you have come across that dream often like this? Dreaming has become such a part of my identity that I can’t imagine how people live without observing the messages in their dreams. You must have observed such a spectrum of dreamers over the years…care to share some of your observations? I am so intrigued.

In the past couple nights I’ve had three dreams that have given me some images that are new and interesting and catch my attention, as though they are asking for some consideration again. Would you mind giving them a look when you have some time?

I had a wonderful dream image of being given a beautiful and delicate gold wedding ring with two small diamonds inbedded with a space between them. The ring was so beautiful…..

(I find it interesting because before I got I also dreamed of receiving a wedding ring that was brass and huge, with this strange sculpture-like formation on the top of it. At the time, I interpreted the dream to mean that my marriage would be unique and different than expected. LOL – now I see the brass as also a symbol of “low-quality” and without a diamond in that ring it also symbolized “not-forever”…so I am hopeful about this new ring dream and the lovely symbolism there this time. 🙂

Reading my Journal

Anyway — onto the dreams…..a co-worker who I perceive to be kind-hearted and self-assured, is doing up a report. She wants me to write something about myself. I want to write that someone used to read my journals and poems when I was young and then one time she read something and shared it with someone else and because of that person knowing what I wrote she did something that resulted in her getting murdered. The person that read my journal was then arrested for being a murderer. That was what I wanted to write but I knew it wasn’t what she wanted to receive so then I wanted to write a little poem about me and asked the co-worker to give me a few minutes to write it.

Talking to People Who No One Else Wants to Talk to

In that time, the rest of my co-workers are working on something and everyone needs to tell another worker (the woman at work who has been causing everyone trouble for a year) something. No one wants to address her. They ask me if I will do it. I feel like I have the skills and detachment to approach her and agree.

Dancing with Prince Harry

A group of men from Jamaica have come off a bus into the gym. The co-worker looks to me like I can go ahead and talk to them. I move forward to approach them, wave Hi, and say hello. Then something happens and I am distracted. A phone call, something like that.

Counting Children

Then I return to the gym and see a bunch of children have entered the gym. My co-worker wants stats on how many kids are there. I am supposed to be counting them but I see Prince Harry and really want to dance with him. I go over and start dancing. He starts dancing too. We start dancing, laughing. It’s really fun. We dance for a good length of time, 2 or 3 songs, and then I say I have to get something done and he says he will come with me.

Sleeping Bear Cubs

We are climbing up a ladder on a building outside and on a platform above me I see two sleeping cubs. I say to him “do you see momma bear around?” and then we see her running towards us. Worst thing to do is to get between a momma bear and her cubs, I say. We jump over a fence and are fine and Momma goes to her cubs.

We are walking along and I am asked what kind of program I want to do with the kids on their last day. I say it would be fun to do Fort McMurray’s Got Talent or something like that. They like my idea.

My co-worker comes up and tells me they are still waiting for my stats. I say they are coming but by now the kids are gone and I have to estimate how many were there participating.


Long Drive North

I drive a long, long way to a far north destination. There is a school there and I am interviewing alongside 3 others for a teaching position. Each of us do a verbal interview and then they have us all participating in regular class activities to see how we interact with children and how we organize our day. The feeling of the dream is that it is in real-time and there was a lot of things going on as it would in a school. (It is one of those dreams that feels like “real life” and not a dream at all) At one point the teacher says to me “you are book smart” and says to another “and you are fine arts smart.” I hope he is looking for a teacher who is book smart – Hahaha….(but also I think I should loosen up because I am not a ‘book smart’ kind of teacher so if he is getting that impression I want to show him another side of me) One significant event is when another candidate did really well with an activity and I thought maybe she would be selected. Instead of feeling disappointed, I just said, “Wow, you have a lot of creativity” to acknowledge her virtues. At the same time I say “creativity” so does the teacher and he smiles at me.

Mom cooking something up

There was another event where I went in the kitchen and found my mom was the cook. I was looking to see if she was happy and then a male friend of hers from high school came in. She was so happy, in an apron, with cake batter on her hands and a mixing bowl on the table in front of her. She reminded me of the way she used to look when she was happy in my childhood before the marriage fell apart. They were cooking together and then they announced that they loved each other and they held hands. They were so happy and I was so happy for her. Later she told me she was heading back to town and I said, “but you just got here. You can’t take that long trip in one day, it’s going to make you sick.” And she said she had to. I wished she wouldn’t, but she leaves.

Offered at $100,000 salary for a job I love

So at the end of it, the administration tells us there is a tie and they chose two of us, one for each classroom, and they offer me the job. It’s a $100,000 a year salary. I am happy that I was chosen. But then I find myself thinking – do I want this job really? To move this far out? Will Grace like it? And will Kyle come to in order to be with Grace? When will I move? Where will I live? All these questions come and it makes me wonder why did I go to all this effort to pursue a job that I didn’t know if I was sure of it. I go for a drive and conclude I know I will take the job and trust the details will work themselves out. I am in awe at the big move and what it might mean for my life going forward and there is a sense of great mystery and possibilities. I see a great white landscape of snow as I drive and I see no one or no signs of life besides snow-covered pine trees. I think about the children at the school and what it will mean for me to be their teacher. I am just filled with wonder.
Thank you so much Richard!


Hi Rachel,

Rings in a dream are symbols of a union based upon a strong and lasting commitment.  So the gold with diamonds means that you have a strong commitment to being with your real true self now.  In the past you do not have that, but the work you have done has made this all possible.

The structure of the first dream is that you seem to be the “go-to” person.  Even Prince Harry goes with you.  So in the first part of your dream with your mother it is like recounting the fact that your mother’s relationship with you was the cause of having relationships that were murdered (ended).   Now that no longer is the pattern you have.

In the second dream you are the one chosen even when others are highly qualified.    This is another sign that you have made a lot of huge transformations that are making life move in a really good direction for you leaving you with a lot of awe.

There is no need to hold back with anything in your life.  You are just amazing.   Really just go for it.

So the answer to your question about dreams has a lot to do with two realities.

One is that a lot of people do not attend very much to their spiritual life or their dream life.   It goes out of memory almost as soon as it comes in.   Baha’u’llah tells us that we should be improving ourselves each day, but so many people just get up put on their clothes grab a coffee and then race off to their material lives.

The second issue is that forgetting is a learned process from the ego that allows people to protect themselves from the fears that are connected with their own spiritual growth.    When you are developing a new spiritual quality, like in your case, trust in God,  then you are automatically having to deal with fear.    Most people feel the fear and do what they can to forget it.   Their minds learn how to forget things so that they do not have to deal with the fears.    In the way the world has become,  there is a lot of vested interest in people not dealing with their spiritual growth because the people at the top usually have gotten there on taking the easy route rather than the spiritual one.   They don’t want you to have the quality of being able to see with your own eyes, for instance, because it is a threat to their power and control.     So a lot of people just give in spiritually and do not develop themselves because of the fear of authority.  Of course they are not going to remember their dreams because it is too threatening.

However, in all of the dream meetings I have had, this question always comes up, and inevitably the person who asks the question has a dream the next evening and then remembers it and tells it to me.

[One time I was in a situation where someone was saying critical things about me.] The standard way of operating in culture would be to just be angry with her, hold onto the feelings, and then do something like tell her how wrong she is, and then maybe just leave because it was so unjust.    When I faced my own ego, understood it, and change it, I could just let it all go and then give her what she needed which was more warmth and inclusion.   We ended up having a good time together the next day.

The culture is really messed because it gets stuck in right or wrong and then seeking some kind of justice.


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