1008 Dreams: Floods, Jealousy & Storms

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(In 2009 I began applying Richard’s solution-based transformation approach to going for great big change in life.

Since then I’ve been applying a method of identifying negatives and flipping them to the positive opposite and applying this to real world situations in work, service, at home.

I offer the story of my dreams and his interpretations in honour and gratitude of his dedication, commitment, service, compassion, kindness, wisdom, integrity, patience, forgiveness, and grace.

All rights reserved. With permission from all three parties. Copyright Rachel (Czifra) Perry 2014)
Preparing for a flood that doesn’t come
We hear on the news that a horrible storm is coming our way. I am with someone in a house and we start preparing for the flood. It is a very ominous feeling. I am comfortable and happy and accept that I might die and okay with whatever the outcome is. I tell him that the safest place when a storm comes is beside a couch because if something falls on you the couch creates an air pocket. So we make a bed beside the couch and wait. We look off in the distance and see a vision, cartoon-like, of a huge tornado-type storm and a wave of broken things coming to us. We lay beside the couches and wait. A man enteres our home and wants to loot to steal something. He finds us there, takes something minimal and laughs saying he didn’t know anyone was here. Then he leave saying the storm will be here soon. We wait and wait and it never comes. We put the furniture back where it was and continue on our day.
Childhood friend
A friend from childhood appears to be in a day dream all the time and is having a hard time dealing with reality. I try to talk to her but she is very upset.
She had been upset about the storm. I think she wanted to get on drugs. So I tell her a good idea would be to get married. She is happy about that and then we go to see a counsellor. The councellor is asking questions to her and I am prompting “daydream” and the counsellor asks about that a bit. She eventually starts talking about getting married and it is clear to me that I am not a lesbian and can’t marry her. I want the counsellor to coach her to be strong enough to not want to marry me. She does. And eventually she is very strong. She looks great – lost weight, wearing nice cow boy boots and a great top. I am so happy that she is happy.
Jealousy, Addiction, Control
I am having a coffee with someone who gets jealous easily in a car. Someone addicted to alcohol calls. The alcoholic has my daughter. I notice she called earlier and I wonder why I didn’t call her back. Anyway, she says she is ready to drop my daughter off but I tell her I am at putt-putt in Niagara falls/chippewa and that I can drive and meet her. She says okay and she has a document for me to deliver or pick up and tells me not to look at it. it’s a tax document or something. Anyway, we hang up and Jealous person is being very silly and taking a long time. I am annoyed in that way I get with her and then finally she gets back in the car. She has dropped her old Iphone. I get it and then a controlling shows up at the door. I am so surprised that he found us as we were off the main road. How did you find us, I keep asking. So he is there for the document and i give it to him but now wonder how am i going to get my daughter. No problem. Alcoholic will still bring her. We get onto the main road and drive back.
** It appears that I either did not send this dream to Richard or that I somehow misplaced his reply** So I will just share what I understand from this dream according to my understanding of his theories and things he has said about other floods and “bad weather” dreams**
In this dream I am preparing for a flood to come which is like a negative emotional experience but it doesn’t come so that is because of the work I had been doing. The positive opposite of a negative flood which threatens to do me in, is to become like a positive flood which uplifts others. The following dreams tell me why this is hard for me to do.
The childhood friend in this dream escaped into day-dream. It shows I can now help people when they go off into la-la land and bring them back to a focus on goals and development. Clothes are about roles.
Cars in dreams are about who is driving situations. Back then in 2009, there were a number of people trying to drive things to be the way they wanted and my voice was rarely heard. I
In this dream I am driving and so is someone else. When someone is jealous they try to do things to get their own way because they are uncomfortable with their own feelings. If people don’t do what they want then they get angry. Many years ago, this fear of other people’s jealousy and anger used to threaten to take the wheel of my car. This dream is here to show me things are not like that anymore and even when I think a storm might come, it doesn’t.

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