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Dream: a Roller Coaster, Vacuum & Bicycle

October 11, 2018

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In the dream, I am on a roller coaster track, climbing the rails, racing someone else who is doing the same. We’ve got equal abilities so it’s hard to see who is winning.

At another part, I’m at the home of the Woodward’s, where I spent a lot of time as a child. Dust is everywhere and a fan is blowing them around. I tell the mom I’ll clean it up and I keep trying to find a way to do that. Finally I find a vacuum which will clean it up.

The mom is happy and leaves donuts & coffee for us. I collect them from the front porch and bring them to my friend, who is her daughter. I’m better at cleaning than she is so I’m hoping the treats make up for it and alleviate her jealousy.

Also there’s another part where I’m crossing a busy road on a bike and I make sure there are no cars coming and then cross. When I’m halfway across I spot a cop car parked on the shoulder about a block down. I hop off the bike and rush to the other side of the street. The cop doesn’t take issue with my jay-walking and I get back on my bike and continue on my way.


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The Metaphor of “My Sister”

21 April 2018

Whenever a person shows up in a dream it is useful to first think of the metaphor of the person, and not the person themselves. The reason for this is because dreams use the language of metaphors to convey messages to your waking self about positive change you can make in your life to transform. When you notice a negative aspect of the metaphor then this can be worked through & flipped so that the positive can really develop in leaps and bounds.

When “my sister” shows up in a dream and the behaviour is negative, like in this one, it means it is NOT about the real person who is my sister in real life. The message of the dream is to remind me about the negative behaviour of Jealousy. People who have issues with jealousy do all sorts of ridiculous and/or hurtful things to others through their words, expressions, and action.

In the dream about flying & floating in the clouds, for example, rather than becoming happy for me, my discovery & success “my sister” is jealous and tries to minimize my success by casting doubt on its validity. This is very common behaviour in our culture, especially among women. The energy of jealousy is so dark and so thick. Some compare it to a big black snake, like a rattlesnake or a cobra. These snakes wait in the field and then pounce & attack when they suspect their target is in a weakened state.

The dream of flying & floating tells me that I am not deterred or slowed when others who are jealous do their negatives. Moreover, my experience, insight & wisdom HELPS others who are going through situations similar to what I did in the past. In this way, a negative can be flipped to the positive and success can soar to really great heights!



Dream: my Metaphoric Sister Flirting With My Metaphoric Boyfriend

In the dream, my boyfriend and I are living together and happy. We’re at some sort of anniversary or birthday part & completely enjoying ourselves. I’m coming in from picking up something in the car and I stop at a convenience store to grab something small worth about $10. When I go to pay, the cashier says to me, “You’re So-and-so’s girl, right?” I said “Yes” and he says, “Well, he owes me $17 for this thing he bought last year” and he shows me my boyfriend’s photo and an old receipt he had hanging by the cash, with others who owed him. And he tells me I can’t buy this $10 thing from him unless/until I pay his in full as well.
I consider going up to get him from the party and bringing him here to pay. Then it occurs to me that he is up there at the party and my sister and mom are also there, as is his family and many of our mutual friends and neighbours. I become worried about he and my sister together because she always flirts with my boyfriends and I just want to pay this bill quickly and get up there so nothing bad can happen. But I hesitate to pay, even though I have the money and am okay with doing it, because I’m not sure it’s right.
Should I go get him? Should I leave all of it – my $10 thing and his? Should I try to negotiate with the guy/manager to let me have mine and say I’ll send him down? … What should I do? Every answer seems like it will have a good outcome so I can’t decide which one to do.
The dream ends like that, me standing there, with my hand on my wallet, prepared to pay his debt but not having decided if i want to or not.
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My dream about puddles and why Envy is a big issue in North America

19 October 2017

In the dream, as I was walking down a path there were little puddles and I jumped them but didn’t clear one entirely so a foot slipped in. Oddly enough, as I was walking I was thinking about how water and puddles are about relationships and I was thinking about how I used to have an issue with jealousy. In real life, it’s not really jealousy I used to have an issue with but it was envy. Envy is the negative feeling that comes up when someone else has something that someone wants. Interestingly, it seems the North American materialistic consumer-driven culture I grew up in actually encourages this kind of negative feeling and the actions it inspires. Buy More Things! Borrow More Money! Upgrade & Expand! Funny how that way of thinking seems to even promote people being sort of “owned” by one another like a spouse acts like they own and control the other, or how a boss seems to think he owns his employees. It’s like even people and relationships are commodities to exchange, sell, and buy. It’s sick really but when you grow up in it then it’s absorbed unconsciously. The point is I was doing things in my 20s which was largely based on envy and I didn’t even realize it.

Last night’s dream brought the issue to the forefront for me though.

It seems like an important issue which should not be kept to ourselves. The more we talk openly about things which generations before us kept quite than the more change can transform things in our lives and the lives of our loved ones.

Three Dreams & Three Lessons

25 August 2017

I dreamed I was working in an office space and the toilet was a large movie chair and you just sat in it and peed through your pants, then it drained through the movie chair into a container which was emptied regularly. I hated it. I could not understand how others tolerated this. I figured the urine on my pants would begin to smell by the end of the day and so would everyone else’s. How disgusting! But it was obvious that complaining would get me fired. So I tolerated it & returned back to the office.

In another dream, from the top of a mountain I recorded a documentary. I zoomed up on cars & the ocean shore to begin the shot and then slowly zoomed out and back up the road which revealed I was kilometres high on the top of a mountain. My mom & sister watched the video and were jealous & envious of how much I had accomplished. My mom told me and others she didn’t want anything to do with me and that she rather enjoyed & preferred the company of my sister because she was much more simple.

Lastly, I was in a crowded space which seemed to be a freight train or a boat, set in the 1920s.  There was nothing remarkable about the travel at the beginning but then two things happened. One: some head of an organization spoke to the group from the stage and said he was working on a mystery and I realized I had just read exactly the thing that would give him the solution so I spoke out and told him this.

Next: a bedraggled woman came onto the boat looking for food & shelter. She wouldn’t leave when prompted. I took an object which resembled a ping-pong paddle and I waved it like a sword. I moved in a way to threaten her and she slowly backed away and off the boat.

Also, at one time I was looking out the window at 2 kittens in a nest in a tree. They were adorable and accidentally fell out but didn’t get hurt.

My analysis: This dream series is a mix of negatives & positives. The positives are that I learned how to use the strange toilet and conform with the work environment. I had the knowledge and evidence to prove a crime and I had the skill to defend a space and keep intruders out, even ones who elicited empathy and genuine concern. Plus I arrived at the top of a mountain AND recorded it in an enjoyable way for others to view!

The negatives in the dream came in a subtle way which is difficult to capture. It showed up when I said I had a book with evidence but when I went back to get the book I couldn’t find where I had left it. When I was getting that scraggley woman away, it took me two times to find the right paddle. When I had recorded the video I hadn’t stored it in an easy-to-retrieve location.

In this dream the negatives didn’t stop me; they just slowed me down.

In real life, I can think of ways that this is also true.

The solution then, is to remember when in my early life did other people’s jealousy and/or envy of me slow me down. When I explore that, and turn down their negative voices, when I block out what they have said or done which has harmed or threatened my life, then I can use my skills in a positive way to record documentaries, to solve mysteries & help others solve them, as well as keeping intruders and imitators at bay.