Police Car Dream

  • in woods with gracie at night
  • she’s being playful and goes a bit too far
  • i’m climbing over logs and thinking
  • someone caused a problem online and i was thinking of what to do next
  • then we are in a car and go backwards down a road
  • i think i have solved it somehow
  • but then i see a police car up ahead so i pull over and we get out
  • now it’s like we had bikes not a car and we leave our bikes in the bushes
  • we go out to the road
  • the officer tells us to get in the car and she’ll take us home
  • we do but she’s not going home right away
  • and we drive around a bit
  • and go to a small cafe like in ridgeway
  • i realize she and i went to school together
  • she’s harmless but i want to get home asap


** the thing about this internet guy is that he was up to something and we had a strategy to figure him out **


Woods are about the mind. Dark is about the unknown. I can think of Gracie like the part of me when I was her age and also like the real Gracie. She has the ability to go way out there and it’s harder for me. Driving the car is good. It shows I’m in control of where things are going in my life, even if I get there in what others would call backwards. The difference between bikes & cars is that bikes take a lot of physical exertion. A friendly police officer is a symbol for law enforcement with good intentions. In the dream it can mean inner consciousness, the voice of reason. The feeling of being relaxed when she was driving us home was soothing but I quickly became alert again when she wasn’t going the direction I expected.

This just shows how far Gracie and I have come in our growth together. Trees and forests are also about growth.

The best part of the dream was the relaxed part in the cop car but I think in reality it’s not good to relax in the back seat of a car. It means I have to do something to get back in the driver’s seat.

That’s what this is about.

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