Dream: Friends Crying & Ways to Help

In the first part of the dream, a friend was on the couch crying and I was trying to ask  him what I could do to help. He was too ashamed of feeling so sorrowful that he couldn’t talk and then he buried himself under a blanket.

Then his wife came into the room. At first she was angry and she showed me photos and blurbs from my Facebook posts. I said, “If something I wrote hurt you please tell me and I’ll take it down. I’m just writing from my experience and never intend to hurt anyone. I am sorry if it hurt you.” Then I started to scroll through the images to delete the post.

Then she became weepy too. She was trying to say she wanted to be my friend but didn’t understand how to be my friend. She said it’s not about the post. I just want to get close and be a friend.

And I looked at her like, “You do?”

Then she bent down and covered herself up in a blanket too.

“Oh! I can do something to help  here,” I thought.

And I started thinking of ways to be of comfort.

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