Dreamwork: Helping a Child

Here is a dream:

In the dream, I am at an over-night camp working as a counsellor/director. One of the little campers (who had special needs and in real life I won a region-wide award for the program I ran for him) was bothering some of the other staff. I said, “Let me handle this,” and went into the room he locked himself in.

I found him sitting in a chair in a library, rocking.

I talked gently to him and talked him into putting the chair away and then coaxed him out of the room.

Back in the hall, he sat on my lap and the others on the team were so surprised that he wasn’t angry or acting out but was being gentle and kind.

When he got up to go play with the others, I talked to the team and told them I’ve worked with him for 4 years now and I just know him well. I said I’d write the incident report for this so the progress he was making was tracked.

It was such a nice feeling to help a child who no one else valued.



When a positive dream shows up, it doesn’t need to be flipped around like the negative images of a fearful dream. The idea with positive dreams is you can just dive right in to the experience and carry the good feelings all day long. It means the skills, capacities, supports and environment is in place now for this aspect of the self to be used.

But what does that mean exactly?

In this blog, I’ll show you how I process a great dream like this and how I use the positive message to remind me of a skill I have in order to help children in real life.

But for now – I can just say that the message of this dream is for me to feel happy and confident about the opportunities ahead and to remember what I’ve done well in the past and keep on doing it! When I consider this, I feel really excited!

Stay tuned as I’ll share updates on this in the blog soon!


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