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Dream: Movies With My Cousin

19 April 2017

I went to the movies with my cousin, C.G., and half-way through we weren’t sitting beside one another anymore. Later, his brother asked me what happened and I didn’t really know but I also didn’t think it was a problem. But he told me C.G. was really upset and I hadn’t been aware.

In another part of the dream I was somewhere new and strange, like when I went on pilgrimage. In the dream I was eating a plate of food and then I found 3 plates that Gracie and her friend left behind. I gathered them and cleaned them and ran to the bus which was taking us home.

In another part, K.Q. offered to wash my hair for me and it was really refreshing and relaxing.


Daily Dream Diary – Overcoming Sadness

Dreamed in October 2016 – posted Feb 2017

In my dream last night, I was training for some sort of performance, like a cross-country race. At the same time, I was training for a mathematical test which was beyond my capacity and I had a tutor to help with the calculations.

The physical training was somewhat easy and I have a clear focus and skill. But when I met with my math tutor he told me he was concerned. He even wanted to stop teaching me in a certain area and I felt sad about that.

I didn’t want to give up and when I questioned him further then he revealed the truth. He told me my boyfriend was contacted by a girl he met in kindergarten who was his best friend and then she moved away. Now they are in contact again and he wants to spend more time with her.

I understood my math tutor was telling me that my relationship was over and I felt so sad. Then I did want to give up on the math and the race.

He left and I just sort of wandered around the room, looking for clues of what I had been planning to do and trying to move beyond it even though I was feeling devastated.



Dream: Friends Crying & Ways to Help

In the first part of the dream, a friend was on the couch crying and I was trying to ask ┬áhim what I could do to help. He was too ashamed of feeling so sorrowful that he couldn’t talk and then he buried himself under a blanket.

Then his wife came into the room. At first she was angry and she showed me photos and blurbs from my Facebook posts. I said, “If something I wrote hurt you please tell me and I’ll take it down. I’m just writing from my experience and never intend to hurt anyone. I am sorry if it hurt you.” Then I started to scroll through the images to delete the post.

Then she became weepy too. She was trying to say she wanted to be my friend but didn’t understand how to be my friend. She said it’s not about the post. I just want to get close and be a friend.

And I looked at her like, “You do?”

Then she bent down and covered herself up in a blanket too.

“Oh! I can do something to help ┬áhere,” I thought.

And I started thinking of ways to be of comfort.