My dream about puddles and why Envy is a big issue in North America

19 October 2017

In the dream, as I was walking down a path there were little puddles and I jumped them but didn’t clear one entirely so a foot slipped in. Oddly enough, as I was walking I was thinking about how water and puddles are about relationships and I was thinking about how I used to have an issue with jealousy. In real life, it’s not really jealousy I used to have an issue with but it was envy. Envy is the negative feeling that comes up when someone else has something that someone wants. Interestingly, it seems the North American materialistic consumer-driven culture I grew up in actually encourages this kind of negative feeling and the actions it inspires. Buy More Things! Borrow More Money! Upgrade & Expand! Funny how that way of thinking seems to even promote people being sort of “owned” by one another like a spouse acts like they own and control the other, or how a boss seems to think he owns his employees. It’s like even people and relationships are commodities to exchange, sell, and buy. It’s sick really but when you grow up in it then it’s absorbed unconsciously. The point is I was doing things in my 20s which was largely based on envy and I didn’t even realize it.

Last night’s dream brought the issue to the forefront for me though.

It seems like an important issue which should not be kept to ourselves. The more we talk openly about things which generations before us kept quite than the more change can transform things in our lives and the lives of our loved ones.

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