Dreamwork & Transformation

Recently someone asked about what I write about online and I said I write about dreams. They asked if it was “dream interpretation” and I nodded yes even though the work I do takes what people usually think of as dream interpretation to a whole new level of transformation and growth.

Then the conversation stopped.

It didn’t stop because there’s nothing left to say on the topic. It stopped because there is so so so much to say on the topic. There’s so much to say that I’ve been writing daily for years and scheduled posts far into the future and still have only scratched the surface of where dreamwork/changework can go.

But the conversation got me wondering about something.

I found myself getting curious about why people have such a challenge with change sometimes. Why do we have such a hard time with growth? What is the threat that I pose by publishing daily about change?

I suspect that when people resist change it is because there is a fear which they haven’t dealt with yet which they come up against when the topic of change is brought up.

And this is one of the reasons why I write about it daily. In this way, this is one thing which for me never changes. And I get a lot of joy from that!

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