Dream: L.J. Gives me an Herbal Remedy

08 June 2017

In the dream, I arrive at a gathering in a remote mountainous area like a ranch in B.C. We all gather together and eat and discuss how thing went and where they are going next. Apparently I had brought a pig to roast and the feedback was that the group was vegetarian or vegan and they didn’t like the meat at the gathering. I felt so awkward.

Later, as I was walking by my truck L.J. approached me and said she had something for me. I paused and she said it is my birth right. She opened a small baggie and brought out two dried leaves, orange in colour, and she put one in her mouth and then motioned for me to do the same so I did.

Then she just put a hand on my heart and on my head and did a Body Talk session right there. It eased the pain of the awkward situation and restored my sense of harmony.

I thanked her.

She then gave me a homemade hand out about different foods and then she went off to do other things.

I looked through the handbook and saw all the healthy foods. I wanted to eat them but didn’t have the money to buy and prepare them. Somehow I got some of the food I was eating on the papers and so I thought it should go in the trash.

L.J. came back though and asked me if I wanted to keep the booklet and I said No and then she looked at me so as to ask, “are you sure?” and then I didn’t know if I was sure.

So I waivered back and forth. I’m not really sure what I ended up going with.

But I apologized to her for not knowing and she said it’s okay. She said I had told her before that it would be like this and she was prepared. I knew what she meant. I felt grateful that she accepted me as I was even though nothing is really as it seems with me and nothing is straight forward. I saw we had an understanding.

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