Dream: Bathroom, Processing Emotions

To understand a bathroom dream, it is useful to remember it is a metaphor. It is a metaphor for releasing anger or other negative feelings such as fear. If you haven’t read more about bathrooms yet, it would be useful to do so now before reading this dream as it will be easy to misunderstand or confuse the real meaning. If you want to go ahead and read it now, that’s okay too. Just remember: a bathroom is a metaphor for letting go of negative feelings.

  • sitting on the toilet, feeling like no one is coming in, i can take all the time i want, it’s clean, it’s safe, it’s okay
  • I let go
  • i notice the big bathroom around me, under construction, it’s the old friend’s house, the one which was under repair for so long, now has been fixed and is ready for final touches, i am so happy for them
  • i see flooring which is old hard wood, needs laminate, an old tub which they like and will make a bathroom around it, the family uses it together, their shampoos are all on the site, a bright window, the outside, the trees, the yard,
  • the toilet is like a johnny-on-the-spot and the stuff goes far down and splashes but nothing comes up – it’s so great!

in another dream, i am in the entrance of a big symposium and am about to go in, there’s a little issue about the person i’m with, a friend who may be trying to smuggle something in and i don’t know what she’s got in her bag, the check in finds a lot of meds and i say i don’t know where they came from or what she’s on or whatever.

she had gone to get my shoes which were beside a bag which i had left there in a crowd.

just lots going on, people singing ABCs with children, a performance, things being sold, i feel like i belong.

i get in and they say they will deal with my friend.

there is a conversation between me and someone who says my team reported on something in correctly and i say okay what needs to be changed and they are surprised that i handle it so quickly. there’s this kid 13 years old who i am training for the job.

something like that.

also a police officer calls me and asks me about reporting on a murder/suspicious activity.

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