Daily Dream Journal: An Artist’s Sketch & A New Way To Release Anger

  • In the dream I am working on creating a presentation for someone.
  • At first they have a transport truck they want me to draw and I try but the dimensions are wrong.
  • So I think in my head of what would be better, I get a blank piece of paper and I start to draw what I see in my mind.
  • Even with just a few sketches what I am drawing is already better and the others encourage me to continue.

The second part of this dream had an image we don’t usually talk about in public.

In the dream, I urinated in a bathtub that was filling with water.

Later two others came into to use it. I got up saying I’d give them a chance to get in and they said not to worry they’d empty and take care of it.

I got out and went into the house which was just very small and crowded.


Dream Analysis

  • Transport trucks are about being able to travel long distances carrying a heavy load.
  • Drawing one in the way I did shows a skill in being able to see something clearly in my mind & expressing it, the way an artist can with his sketches
  • Urine in a dream is about anger
  • Releasing it in a bathtub is not usually a good place for this but in the dream it was okay and others wanted to do it too

So this is about my being able to positively express anger in a new way which is also cleansing.

When I do this I can carry large loads (professionally) very long distances to achieve prosperity & participate in industry.


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