From “1008 Dreams & Solutions” – Getting Out of the Old Truck & Doing Something Better

08 Jan 2014
Well, most of this dream is really vague. The only clear thing I recall is getting out of the truck that Y.E. was driving. After that I am guessing at the rest by the feeling ,which is that it wasn’t me alone getting out but that I was slowly helping a lot of people out of the truck one-by-one. as though we had arrived at a long-awaited destination, like a beautiful conservation area and I just was standing by the door, holding it open, and holding people’s hands as they stepped out and down.
There was another image of a hall and presentation but the details are really foggy.
This morning as i was making breakfast, the memory of J.F. was really prominent. remembering that experience with fondness. Kinda missing him and also wishing him best wherever he is in life right now.
As I sat with this more details emerged but still disjointed:
peter (the happiest guy from work)
in a motor home
traveling at night
Y.E.’s not there but there is the feeling of escaping him which is not really free
others are afraid
6 guys piled into the motor home
i get out
i’m their boss? or have a program? game set up?
designing something…
So it is about getting out of the truck that you have driven in and then you can start driving the positive relational truck of your own.   For some reason when you are the driver, the rest of the men really respond positively.   I think it is probably because you have really positive loving energy with them.
This dream and interpretation is from my book 1008 Dreams & Solutions, due to be released in 2017. If you would like to pre-order the book, please email me at Thank you. 

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