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Dream: My Mom Dumps Stuff On Me … Again

13 September 2017

IMG_1326In the dream, I exit my front door and find there is a camper-trailer in the front driveway as well as a truck full of things. The front yard is cluttered full of objects. It looks like someone bought 100 broken things at garage sales and then dumped them all on my front lawn. It doesn’t take me long to recognize that my mom has come in the middle of the night, emptied a yard-full of junk because she didn’t know where else to put it and then left. When I ask her about it, she denies it.

But then I see her ex-husband there moving things out and I know the Truth!

This kind of clutter is NOT ALLOWED on my property and I know when my landlord sees it he will be upset and want me to move it immediately. How can I get my Mom to move it immediately when she won’t admit it is hers?

I consider going to my landlord proactively and telling him what has happened but I know that he will find it very odd and he will consider lots of things including that I have made up some sort of lie to cover up something or someone because it just doesn’t make sense to have a bunch of things on your lawn and not know whose they belong to.

If I don’t tell him and just start helping my ex-step-dad then I look like I’m taking responsibility for it even though it isn’t mine and I have no idea why it is there.

If I don’t tell him and also don’t start help moving it out and cleaning it up then it appears to be mine and by that non-action I invite him over to be the one to bring to my attention the issues.

So in the dream, I’m standing there, looking at this enormous pile of junk 7 feet high on my lawn and I am wondering what on earth can I do now?

As I watch, my ex-step-father just keeps moving things onto the truck and preparing to take them away.

My analysis: Clutter & mess is about the ego in a dream. Sometimes someone becomes so full of ego, so full of their false selves, that they create a lot of “mess” in the lives of others around them. Since I didn’t move in the dream but just watched it means the thing I’m learning to get good at is saying NO to the ego-mess caused by people who are full of their negative selves and keep dumping stuff on me trying to make me look bad. I know the Truth though and others who look close enough can know the Truth too. It’s a good lesson for us all to learn and in time it will get easier and easier!

How a Positive Dream Can Really Make Things Move Forward in Life

12 July 2017

A mere three days before I lost my Management position at a small store in Masonville Mall due to a corporate decision at head office in Los Angles, USA, I had a dream of this big black truck making it through the road-readiness test. A big, black truck is a metaphor for the work I do in marketing and promoting small businesses. The dream was so positive and it had me remembering the skills & gifts I have in writing, publishing and promoting things I believe in.

Then on April 30th I was informed my store was closing and suddenly my income went from $4000 a month to $1800. Just like that.

One of the reasons I didn’t feel too upset was because this dream had me thinking and asking myself the question, “What do I do really well that can help me move through this period of hardship?”

I asked myself how I can use my skills in marketing & promotion in order to increase my cashflow back to a more stable level.

Now it’s July, two and a half months later. I’ve published three short books, improved three blogs, started a KickStarter campaign for a local neighbourhood news service and I’m done research deep into the corruption of Canadian justice system which some people do not even want to touch because the corruption is just so gruesome.

16174804_769401436549570_8140728707016943395_nWithout that really positive dream of this amazing black truck which had me thinking for days about the ways I can drive my life forward in so many excellent directions, then I would not have been able to handle the devastating news of my job loss so easily.

When I lost my job and was catapulted into poverty I just kept saying to others, “Everything is going to be okay. I don’t have evidence of that just yet but I know something really good is coming and things will be okay.”

It was the metaphors which showed up days before my big devastation which gave me the enthusiasm and drive I needed to face what was soon to become the most difficult three months of 2017.

Dream: Snake, Cancer, Fish, Narcissism

07 February 2017

  • found 2 golf ball sized balls in my pelvic area
    • i sent my mind inside the cancer to see if I could dissolve it, the heat was so hot and it burned up my left arm, i had to rest before i could try again


  • was in water, fish nipping at my feet, more and more of them
    • was with G. as a 3 year old
    • as fish got more and bigger i got more afraid but she didn’t get scared
  • a woman was flirting with a man but then he stuck his toe up her and she started bleeding and then he said he couldn’t be with her and she left and he clean up the blood on the table and bed, i thought she had cancer too


  • we were holding a pretend snake, which then came alive, which then was a snake with fangs, just showing its teeth and i analyzed it, the shape of its mouth, etc


  • was wearing a green party dress like a fairy on a costume day but no one knew what i was dressed up as and they didn’t know if I dressed like that by accident or if i was wearing a costume to go along with the party


  • i was chatting with a martial artist who was a cop
    • i turned on a power drill by accident and it kept spinning but then we got it to turn off
    • i joked about everything having a lot of power around here


  • T.A. was there somewhere
  • G. was driving us in a truck, DN and A as a child where in the front seat
    • a monkey/badger went onto the windshield and G couldnt see, it bothered me that others didn’t mind and i was sitting behind gracie giving instructions


  • Someone had a dream she was on the edge of a cliff, a mountain view, the spot she was sitting on slipped and fell a bit so she was basically falling, she grabbed its tail and it pulled her up, like those big saint bernards.

From “1008 Dreams & Solutions” – Getting Out of the Old Truck & Doing Something Better

08 Jan 2014
Well, most of this dream is really vague. The only clear thing I recall is getting out of the truck that Y.E. was driving. After that I am guessing at the rest by the feeling ,which is that it wasn’t me alone getting out but that I was slowly helping a lot of people out of the truck one-by-one. as though we had arrived at a long-awaited destination, like a beautiful conservation area and I just was standing by the door, holding it open, and holding people’s hands as they stepped out and down.
There was another image of a hall and presentation but the details are really foggy.
This morning as i was making breakfast, the memory of J.F. was really prominent. remembering that experience with fondness. Kinda missing him and also wishing him best wherever he is in life right now.
As I sat with this more details emerged but still disjointed:
peter (the happiest guy from work)
in a motor home
traveling at night
Y.E.’s not there but there is the feeling of escaping him which is not really free
others are afraid
6 guys piled into the motor home
i get out
i’m their boss? or have a program? game set up?
designing something…
So it is about getting out of the truck that you have driven in and then you can start driving the positive relational truck of your own.   For some reason when you are the driver, the rest of the men really respond positively.   I think it is probably because you have really positive loving energy with them.
This dream and interpretation is from my book 1008 Dreams & Solutions, due to be released in 2017. If you would like to pre-order the book, please email me at Thank you. 

Dream: Driving my own Truck!

In the dream, I had been driving a grey truck, excellent solid, new strong truck, for a long distance. It had the feeling of Fort McMurray northern environment and I had finally arrived. The road I was on was gravel and there was a slope on both sides that went down to a house on the one side and maybe a farm, or industry on the other. I parked the truck with skill in an area near construction so that it was perpendicular across the road and no one else could pass. I signaled to someone, a farmer perhaps, was it okay that I parked here and they signaled said yes.

I got out, was playing with the keys between my fingers, assessing the surroundings, taking it all in. What a great feeling to have arrived.

When I first woke up there was a sense of some dream images from where I had come from and a sense of some that followed this scenario.

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