Dream: Taking a Stand With A Bully

26 Feb 2017

In the dream I am organizing and sorting and bringing some things to the dump but also packing some things for a trip. In real life the thought of this makes me tired but in the dream I had a lot of energy and enthusiasm for the task ahead.

At one point, a group of us were around a bonfire. One man was talking a lot and his negativity was affecting the group. So I started getting assertive and told him to stop. He didn’t. Then I told him if he didn’t stop he’d have to leave the area and I positioned my body as a block between he and the others.

He still didn’t stop so I put my hands in fighting stance and others started coming around to back me up.

We pushed in towards him and he backed away. He was still spewing his angry words but he was backing away from the others.


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