How To Deal With Nightmarish Figures in a Dream & Real Life

Here is an example of a nightmarish figure getting her way in a dream.

I will use this dream to explain how to apply principles of the science of dreamwork to transformation.

First of all, whenever there is a negative dream where I feel physical pain in the dream then it is a signal to me that this is a really big issue for me and it also signals to me that the likelihood is that I’ll experience something in day-to-day life which will be a really big challenge.

The second thing to keep in mind is that the solution is the positive opposite of the negative in the dream. In the dream, someone grabs hold of my hand and squeezes their nails into my skin. At the same time, they give a look on their face of being friendly and they smile at the others. It appears to them she is holding my hand offering comfort perhaps meanwhile her nails are like 5 daggers into my skin.

So what to do?

It means the positive solution is for me to reach out to someone in a positive way and press in with encouragement. This is sometimes a challenge to do because our culture is so focused on the negatives. But that is the solution.

The third thing to do then is to think of where in real life do I have an opportunity to offer encouragement to someone? I can think of the person in the dream as a metaphor and not think of her as the real person in real life and then I can apply this idea of being really positive to others in the same way I can be really positive to her.


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