Daily Dream Journal

October 2016

Someone was after me in the dream. She was a corrupt cop who was using one thing to make me look bad and trying to collect evidence. I planned to meet with her at a fast-food restaurant type place and tell her everything she wanted to know. But when I wasn’t there she was talking to others, trying to get dirt on me. When I showed up she was surprised.

When we sat down, her story fell apart. She couldn’t do what she wanted to do because of her issues with herself. So I got up and left.

I had to use the washroom and it was far in the back of a building. I felt as though someone were following me.

When I got to the washroom I found it was an outhouse and a guy dressed in black with a white Halloween face was waiting. I turned and ran. He got out and ran too. He was tall and moved faster than you’d think he could, like teleporting.

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