Police Dreams: Developing Inner Consciousness

A re-occuring issue which shows up time & time again in dreams people send me is interactions with police. In the real world, police serve an important role in enforcing laws. In time, as laws become more and more just and our civilization is based on fundamental spiritual principles of equality, police will participate in contributing to a peaceful society.

In the dream world, police officers are symbols for authority. Having an inner sense of authority is really important. It calls us to continue striving to be the best we can be.

In a recent dream, I was outside doing something or other and I saw an officer interrogate someone. I could see they were put into a state of distress by the conversation and I thought I would approach them afterwards and see if I could offer comfort or reassurance.

This signals the next stage of development because it shows I not only no longer have an inner issue with it myself, to some degree, but that I feel like I could support others who are going through something I’ve been through before.

Years ago, I used to have dreams of police all the time. In the dreams, generally I’d be trying to do something I wanted to do, as simple as walk down a path and police would show up and I’d feel threatened.

After doing a lot of change work around these fears of being oppressed I’ve noticed that now often times in the dreams I am a police officer. Then things look entirely different.

I’m still working through an understanding of this symbol, but I’ve come to think of of a police officer as a symbol for inner consciousness, inner law reinforcement, so to speak. When we have our own inner cop, which we are obedient to, things seem to go a lot better in life than without it.

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