Dream: Texting the wrong person

In the dream, I was in a large home like an estate, from the 1800s. It looked like the house that Helen Keller grew up in which was in the movie I just watched this week.
It was a team meeting of sorts. I was entering through the door, which in the movie Annie locks in order to have Helen alone to teach her, and I texted a playful, sort of sensual message to someone who was my boyfriend in the dream, but in real life is one of my closest/best friends. Accidentally, I texted the message to a colleague. He was reading it as I entered the room and he laughed and smiled. He didn’t embarrass me.
Later in the dream, the group called me for a conference call and I thought it was just him and I said Hi and then realized the whole group was there and said Hi to them too. During his check in he mentioned my boyfriend and wanting to put him on the team. 
There were two conference calls.
There were other images about keys and doors – something like standing at the door of a room which is usually locked and seeing it is open and doesn’t need a key and also that if someone wanted to lock it while I was in there how would I get the key to get out – and another scenario where I was helping someone but the details are unclear and even though I remembered it clearly when I woke up now it’s a bit hazy.

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