Dogs in dreams are about loyalty and friendliness

WordPress has a new feature called My Story. This is my first attempt at making a story.

You would think that a “story” about dogs as a metaphor would have only photos with dogs in them. I assure you I was with Chloe in every scenario but sometimes she wouldn’t pose for the camera. Haha.

But that’s how loyalty and friendship work. Sometimes you’re together and sometimes you’re not and that’s ok.

When a dog shows up in a dream if the dream is positive it means the dreamer has no issues with friendliness & loyalty so they can keep moving forward in life using these qualities often.

If the dream is somewhat negative (like mine have been) it means there’s an issue around loyalty in real life and it’s a good time for the dreamer to consider and explore where the issues came from in the past and start working through it. I’ll be exploring this in more detail in upcoming posts.

Happy Dreamworking!

Chloe standing proud on a bolder in a stream after an hour-long hike in the hilly forest

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