Dream of Visiting a Friend in Hospital

February 18, 2020

Last night, in my dream, I learn that Mama Gayle is in critical condition in hospital in Ontario. For some reason I was in Ontario for work so I went to the hospital to visit her and was going to meet her son there. As I was in line I found myself remembering how she and I had met, how she struggled throughout her life, but how she had such a loving and strong spirit. As I’m waiting in line I’m so eager to see her and talk to her but that’s all I remember of the dream.

Hospitals in dreams are about healing. Since Mama G has passed on to the spiritual realms the dream has another layer to it. In the dream, it’s clear she isn’t healing but rather preparing for her soul’s journey to the next world. This is a type of transformation. Since I’m visiting her it means a part of me is also going through transformation right now. Remembering how we used to help one another when we were roommates brings back a lot of happy memories. The dream is telling me that by remembering the happy memories of my twenties I can bring a lot of happiness & transformation to my life right now.

She passed away on February 12, 2019 and is remembered with profound love.

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