Dream: Black Truck Performs Well

27 April 2017

In the dream, a big black truck had performed well and some mechanics slapped it on the hood so as to say, “Good Job!” and I heard the echo from the vibration of the hit and I thought it was like the truck saying, “Thank you.”

In the dream, I watched everything the truck did and I was in awe at its performance too. It did really difficult things like driving in narrow areas and through water and turning quickly. I guess it was some kind of test drive for it and now it was ready to sell. Something like that.

When I wake up and look at this dream I remember that this big black truck has appeared in my dreams for the past 5 years or so. It’s come to symbolize marketing & promotion, writing and educating online. It’s a great sign of readiness to see the truck perform well and be “ready-to-go” so to speak.

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